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Beamform Polystyrene Permanent Shuttering

Size Product code Price (ex vat) Qty
350 x 120 x 1000mm (60/pack) 401/016/009 49.99
450 x 120 x 1000mm (50/pack) 401/016/010 49.99
500 x 120 x 1000mm (40/pack) 401/016/011 49.99
550 x 120 x 1000mm (40/pack) 401/016/012 49.99
600 x 120 x 1000mm (30/pack) 401/016/013 49.99
650 x 120 x 1000mm (30/pack) 401/016/014 49.99
700 x 120 x 1000mm (30/pack) 401/016/015 49.99
750 x 120 x 1000mm (30/pack) 401/016/016 49.99
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Beamform Polystyrene Permanent Shuttering is available from us in a number of sizes to suit your requirements; please see our drop down menu for the full selection. This product is used to contain setting concrete without the hassle of removal afterwards. This product is made from high density expanded polystyrene and is light and strong. It should be used with Rebar construction to allow for maximum functionality. It is simple to use and can even be used by a single unskilled labourer. We also supply Hyrib Metal Permanent Shuttering which comprises of metal mesh and ribbed rolls to alleviate the pressure of the concrete as it sets. For guidance on which is the best product for you, please speak to a member of our team on 01628 674910.

  • Concrete mould
  • Rebar construction
  • Versatile
  • Robust
  • Easy to handle
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Brand: Building Materials
Rebar Type: Accessories
Rebar Use: Shuttering
Type: Accessories
Unique ID: 1423

Beamform Polystyrene Permanent Shuttering

Beamform Polystyrene Permanent Shuttering
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