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Fermacell 10mm Thick Square Edge

Fermacell 10mm Thick Square  Edge
  • Different lengths
  • 10mm thick
  • Pallets
  • Sound insulating
  • Not lightweight
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Price: 402.06
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May only be available in certain areas
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Fermacell 12.5mm Square Edge

Fermacell 12.5mm Square  Edge
  • From recycled materials
  • Impact Resistamt
  • Sound Insulating
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Price: 781.00
Call 01628 674910 to discuss availability
May only be available in certain areas
We may have similar alternatives available


Fermacell is the ultimate building board. The superior sound insulating and impact resistant properties of the board are second to none, allowing a welcomed ease of use due to the reduced need to double layer or use sheathing ply. Fermacell is as solid as brickwork, yet as quick and flexible as conventional plasterboard. The impressive strength of the board boasts load-carrying capabilities of up to 50kg per cavity fixing and 30kg per screw. It is this screw retention capability that allows it to hold most fixtures fitted directly to the board.

Fermacell's strength also manifests in other forms. For example, the glued, square edge jointing system produces a continuous membrane and combined with its FST (Fine Surface Treatment) this provides a neat, smart aesthetic that other boards cannot provide. Going beyond that, this method of fitting and finishing is different to traditional plasterboard in that the quick drying out time allows the surface to be ready to accept paint, wallpaper and tiles in 45 minutes without compromising the strength of the board.

Fermacell conforms to building regulations with its technically superior fire resistant and moisture resistant properties. This enhances the board's versatility, providing a quick and easy solution to the challenge of water-proofing.

From commercial projects to DIY, Fermacell is the perfect choice for walls, as well as floors and ceilings. The range of systems Fermacell offers increases sound insulation as well as providing a dry screed solution to both overlay underfloor heating and level uneven floors. In terms of the benefits Fermacell provides for ceilings, it not only has superior acoustic properties but also superior fire resistant properties in comparison to timber and concrete ceilings because of the resilient bar or suspended ceiling system it offers.

Fermacell can be used as a cost-effective upgrade to existing walls, ceilings and floors by absorbing both sound and impact from both people and objects. Using Fermacell makes practical, technical and commercial sense, contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with the ultimate, high-performance building board at a low price.

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