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Building A Better Britain: The Cost Of A General Election

This year’s general election is predicted to be another tightly fought contest. Early polls already suggest the battle between Ed Miliband’s Labour and David Cameron’s Conservatives will go down to the wire and the likelihood is, we’ll see another hung parliament in the UK.

However, what we find incredible is just how much money is spent on each general election. By our sums, the 2015 General Election is going to set the taxpayer back in excess of £179 million. This is a 59% rise from 2010’s figure of £113m.

Of course, there’ll be loads of UK citizens who think this is just one big waste of money. Yes, to maintain a democracy we need the election – But surely there are more efficient means of getting a result?

So this got us thinking – What else could the Government spend £179m on? Take a look at the following infographic to find out.

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by Phillip Lidgerton

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