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Celotex FR5000 Insulation Board

Celotex FR5000 Product code Price (ex vat) Qty
50mm x8 (23.04m2) FR5050 700/200/007 306.38
60mm x42 (120.96m2) FR5060 700/200/008 1,921.36
70mm x6 (17.28m2) FR5070 700/200/009 319.87
75mm x6 (17.28m2) FR5075 700/200/010 342.31
80mm x5 (14.40m2) FR5080 700/200/011 302.34
90mm x5 (14.40m2) FR5090 700/200/012 332.29
100mm x12 (34.56m2) FR5100 700/200/013 890.93
120mm x 10 (28.80m2) FR5120 700/200/012 870.24
150mm x8 (23.04m2) FR5150 700/200/015 861.06
Total: 0 0
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FR5000 is a Celotex premium performance board. FR5000 represents progression within the PIR (polyisocyanurate) market offering an insulation board with enhanced thermal performance as well as an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide, Class O fire performance with super low emissivity textured aluminium foil facings. FR5000 is manufactured from rigid PIR using a blowing agent that has low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). FR5000 has a lower thermal conductivity value ( 0.021 W/mK) compared with other typical PIR insulation boards providing enhanced thermal performance.

Please Note: 60mm is only available as a pallet of 6 packs of 7 boards. If you require less please contact us as occasionally we can supply in smaller quantities.

  • Lambda value 0.021W/mK
  • Multi purpose
  • 2400 x 1200mm sheets
  • 24mm to 150mm
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Brand: Celotex
Area: 2.88 m2 per sheet
Construction: Celotex PIR (Polyisocyanurate) with low emissivity foil facings
Insulation Thickness: 50mm - 150mm
Lambda Value: 0.021 W/mK
Type: FR5000
Unique ID: 70014
Variant: Premium Multi-purpose
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Celotex FR5000 Insulation Board

Celotex FR5000 Insulation Board
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