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External Wall Insulation and Renders

External Wall Insulation and Renders

SPSenvirowall lead the way in the supply of external wall insulation systems and high quality decorative renders to the building and construction industry for both new build and refurbishment projects.

The systems provide both high levels of thermal insulation and the decorative render can give the older property the perfect face lift.

Solid wall and system built housing played their part in the regeneration of the UK's property market and now it is time to improve them both thermally and in some cases aesthetically using the SPSenvirowall energy saving systems. With the cost of energy ever rising it is important to recognise the thermal improvements that can be made to these types of properties. The following are just a selection of the types of solid wall and system built houses that can be improved both thermally and aesthetically with the SPSenvirowall systems, Solid Wall Properties, Wimpey No Fines, BISF, Reema Construction and Airey Units. The SPSenvirowall product range enables us to provide tailor made solutions within affordable budgets, extending the life of these houses way beyond their original design expectations without the need for unjustifiably expensive re-builds.

The SPSenvirowall extensive range of systems are perfect for new build applications. The SPSenvirowall systems have been developed to achieve high levels of thermal performance in addition to thermal and weather protection, and are quick to apply, lightweight, durable and versatile with an almost limitless colour palette to choose from. If more in depth technical advice is needed SPSenvirowall have a technical department that can help by providing project specific specifications, details, U-value and condensation calculations. If on site assistance is required SPSenvirowall have a team of site support technicians that will help with any application and detailing issues on site.

Please call our experienced sales team on 01628 674910 for further details

Refurbishment Projects - The Wall System 2 range of systems is designed to provide cost effective and robust external wall insulation ideally suited for the refurbishment of social housing. All of the Wall System 2 range incorporate a polymer modified basecoat applied 4-8mm thick incorporating a plastic coated reinforced glass fibre mesh.

Insulation Component - Depending on the application the insulation can be any one of the following :- Expanded Polystyrene, Mineral Wool or Phenolic Foam.

Top Coat Finishes - Providing the finished look any of the following top coats can be applied :- Envirocryl, Envirosil, Granomin, Envirodash, Envorobrick, Speedy Slip, Brickstick and Panelbrick.

For full technical details please call our experienced sales team on 01628 674910 or visit the SPSenvirowall web site at http://spsenvirowall.co.uk/refurbishment

Newbuild Projects - Four systems have been developed for new build applications.

Wall System 1 - Applied to masonry substrate of either a single or cavity construction. The system can incorporate either mineral wool , expanded polystyrene or phenolic insulation depending on the specifiers requirements.
Wall System 1 - Applied direct to CP board without a drainage cavity. Some insurers require a minimum drainage cavity behind the render protected insulation system. For all other building types the insullation may be fixed directly to the sheathing board.
TS Rail System - In order to meet the requirements of the NHBC the Envirotherm TS Rail System has been designed incorporating a 15mm drainage gap. The Envirotherm TS Rail System was the first system of this type to achieve BBA approval. This system incorporates Rockwool or EPS insulation.
Rendaclad - Thus has been primarily developed for applying a seamless rendered rain screen system to a timber frame structure, replacing the requirement of building a brickwork facade finished with commodity renders off the critical path. The system reduces overall construction time and cost finished with high performing technology renders or brick/stone cladding perfect for the private and social housing new build sector.

For full technical details please call our experienced sales team on 01628 674910 or visit the SPSenvirowall web site at http://spsenvirowall.co.uk/new-build

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