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Gypfloor Silent Floor System

Gypfloor Silent Floor System
  • Improves acoustics
  • Used in conversion work
  • Upgrade existing floor
  • Use in new build
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Gypfloor Silent Floor

Gypfloor Silent Floor

Gypfloor Silent Floor is specified in residential conversion or improvement work to upgrade an existing timber joist floor. It is also used in new-build to meet the acoustic requirements of National Building Regulations to reduce sound transmission through upper floors

The system should be used in conjunction with an appropriate ceiling lining. The floor channels are supplied with an integral neoprene acoustic isolator. Before starting work you must make sure that the correct channel width is ordered. For joist widths of up to 63mm use Gypframe SIF1 floor channel, joist widths between 64 - 75mm use Gypframe SIF4 floor channel and for joists over 75mm use Gypframe SIF2 floor channel (2 per joist position unless adjacent to the wall. Ensure that the joist tops are level to accommodate the SIF floor channels. To maintain optimum sound insulation consider the following, make provision to minimse flanking sound in the surrounding structure. Seal the perimeter, including gaps between wall and floor linings with acoustic sealant. The chipboard flooring joints must be glued. The Gypframe Floor Channels must NOT be mechanically fixed to the joists.

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