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How To Add Value to Your Home

How To Add Value to Your Home

Itís simple - the bigger a house is, the more it will cost. So if you have the space, making your house bigger will only ever go in your favour. A conservatory is an excellent way of achieving this but if you really want it to add value to your home, make it a feature. Donít just stick something onto the back of your house - make sure the conservatory matches the style of your home so if feels like a part of the rest of the house. A conservatory can add anything from about 7 - 11 percent to the value of your home. Adding a conservatory to your house is considered to be permitted development, not needing an application for planning permission, subject to limits and conditions.

Convert Your Garage

A staggering 90 percent of British garages donít contain a car and therefore they are a wasted asset. If you have a garage that is used for nothing more than storing junk, turn it into living space. This is a worthwhile investment Ė simply multiply the square footage gained by local price per square foot. It could add tens of thousands of pounds to the value of your home not to mention the benefits of having an additional living space.

Insulate Your House

With energy prices on the rise once again people are struggling to heat their homes every winter. With this becoming more and more of a concern a well-insulated home has become a basic requirement amongst house-hunters. There are many products that can be used to insulate your home from foil insulation and insulation boards to polystyrene and rockwool and the good news is that as well as keeping you nice and warm in the winter months, insulation is also great for keeping sound out.

Give Your Home a Makeover

Adding value to your home doesnít always have to involve tearing things down and getting the builders in. You will be amazed how many simple things you can do that will make a huge difference to the desirability of your home. Give it a fresh lick of paint to brighten it up, get rid of all the clutter and keep it minimal to create the illusion of space, spruce the garden up, change windows, doors, door handles, letter boxes and most importantly, keep it neutral. You are trying to appeal to as many people as possible so this is not the time to channel your hidden creativity.

Apply for Planning Permission

If you really donít have the time or money to start knocking down walls and building new rooms, simply applying for planning permission can work wonders. If people know that the council has already said yes to expansion, it removes a big element of doubt from their mind. You could even get some plans drawn up to help them visualise what it could look like and make them realise the potential of your home.

by Phillip Lidgerton

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