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How to Give Your Office a High-Tech Makeover!

How to Give Your Office a High-Tech Makeover!

Have you noticed your office is looking a bit dull recently? The battered keyboard, the squeaky
chairs, the old-school lamps, the plain wooden desks and the tired breakroom. What you need is a
high-tech makeover! Here are 6 futuristic gadgets & appliances that will change your office forever.

The Laser Keyboard

Say goodbye to your big clunky keyboard
that takes up most of your desk. Say hello
to the laser keyboard. The technology can
be carried around in the palm-sized cube,
and the full-scale keyboard can be
projected on any flat surface. It even has a
speaker which can replicate clacking
noises, for added authenticity.

A Relaxation Room

The breakroom is vitally important to any
office. It's where your employees go to
recharge their batteries over lunch. They
need to come back relaxed and inspired,
so the lifeless & cramp breakroom won't do
it. Tablets, a Playstation, a big screen TV, a
air hockey table and massage chairs are all
great fun ways to promote relaxation,
inspiration and camaraderie among the
work force.

More Screens & Bigger Ones

The times of one small, square, screen
per person in the office, is definitely on
the way out. More and more offices are
full of people's eyes darting across 2 or
3 large screens. As employee's
workload increases and they become
more reliant on technology, the need to
display more information will lead to
multi-screen workspaces.

Dimensional Wall Panels

Dimensional wall panels have done the
impossible and made walls interesting and
fun. The interesting shapes of a 3D wall
can create beautiful arrangements of light
and shadows, as well as making your office
wall look futuristic.

Efficient Lighting

The inefficient, flickering, square, panelled
lights that currently attempt to light your
workplace, need a revamp. Modern offices
are implementing specifically placed
spotlights, futuristically designed hanging
lights and high-tech desk lights that hover
over your screen. If you make the
leap-forward to high-tech lights, make sure
your cables are managed correctly, by using
equipment like Unistrut.

Touch Screen Noticeboard

The noticeboard is key to the successful
running of an office on a day-to-day basis.
Making sure everyone knows where
everyone is and knowing who's currently in
the meeting rooms is vital. A touch screen
notice board is the perfect, high-tech &
easy to use upgrade from the whiteboard
and marker pen.

by Phillip Lidgerton

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