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Insulated Plasterboard: What It Is and Why Should You Use It?

Insulated Plasterboard: What It Is and Why Should You Use It?

Insulated plasterboard is a useful product that is suitable for use in a number of situations. If you are new to this product, here is a short guide that will explain the benefits and potential uses so you can decide whether to use it in your own projects.

What Is Insulated Plasterboard?

Insulated plasterboard is a type of plasterboard that is made from gypsum board and is backed with foam insulation or another type of insulation. It comes in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, styles and finishes, making it very flexible for use in a number of situations. Some types of insulated plasterboard also come with water resistance or fire retardant additives.

How Is It Used?

It is used for internal wall insulation in both new properties and existing properties, as well as for providing extra insulation in the roof. However, it can also be used for other purposes, for example to protect doors, steel frames and rafters.

Common uses for insulated plasterboard:

  • To insulate solid internal walls
  • To improve insulation of cavity walls
  • As an efficient timber frame wall lining
  • Between and under rafters
  • Between and under joists
  • In loft conversions
  • In garage conversions

It is mainly used to improve the thermal performance of buildings, and it can be a cost-effective alternative to other more expensive insulation systems. It is usually fixed using plasterboard nails, screws or adhesive, but sometimes fixings are not needed depending on the system.

Key Benefits of Insulated Plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard comes with numerous potential benefits. One of the main benefits is that it both insulates and dry lines in one go, making it very convenient as well as a rapid solution, allowing building work to be completed quicker.

It also provides a good level of thermal resistance, making it an effective way to make buildings more energy efficient and allow you to reduce your CO2 emissions in a cost-effective way. It both keeps the heat in during the cold winter weather, and keeps the interior cool during the warmer summer months.

It can be a cost-effective way to insulate your home, especially when you consider the energy savings it could lead to. Although it is sometimes more expensive than foil-backed plasterboard, the energy savings can make it more cost-effective overall.

It can also have the benefit of reducing the level of condensation in the building, which is an important consideration in residential buildings.

Consider Using Insulated Plasterboard for Your Next Project

Insulated plasterboard is highly versatile and comes with a number of important benefits. Consider whether you could put it to use in your next project and enjoy all of the advantages it can provide. For more information about this type of product and how you can use it in your project call our team on 01628 674910 or contact us here.

by Phillip Lidgerton

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