Whether it's heat you're trying to keep in or sound you're trying to keep out, we've got the products for all your insulation requirements. From insulated boards to the Kingspan range of products which can be used for walls, ceilings or floors, we can supply you with everything you

need. We have a full range of high quality polystyrene and rockwool insulation products to suit any project you are working on. Do you want to slash your heating bill by insulating your loft? Are you looking to reduce noise pollution from a shop or adjacent public premise? We have foil or roll insulation available at low prices to fit your insulation needs without breaking the bank.
Contact us today to find out how you can get a warm room with our warm and friendly service, we're happy to discuss which products would suit your needs best and how much of said products you will need, so that you can buy with confidence without being left short or stuck with surplus materials.

More about Insulation

  • Foil Insulation

    Foil Insulation

    Multiple layers of foil separated with fabric to give added protection and stop heat escaping the roof void or floor depending...

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  • Insulation Boards

    Insulation Boards

    Insulated boards provide an all in one solution for your project. Choose from a number of different type or thickness's...

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  • Insulation Rolls

    Insulation Rolls

    Commonly used for loft roll insulation can also be used for acoustics in a partition wall. Numerous thickness's and densities...

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  • Kingspan


    From a standard PIR board all the way through to a external board Kingspan have the full range of insulation boards...

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  • Polystyrene


    Commonly used as an insulating board various densities and thickness's are available in single sheet or full pack prices ...

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  • Rockwool


    Slab insulation ranging from a flexible acoustic slab to a dense RW5 and thickness's up to 140mm Rockwool have the full range...

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