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Kingspan Insulation Boards K8 Cavity Board 1200mm x 450mm

Thickness Product code Price (ex vat) Qty
25mm 20 pieces or 10.8m 2 045/087/002 79.08
30mm 16 pieces or 8.64m 2 045/087/003 69.44
35mm 14 pieces or 7.56m 2 045/087/004 74.34
40mm 12 pieces or 6.48m 2 045/087/005 71.08
45mm 11 pieces or 5.94m 2 045/087/006 71.11
50mm 10 pieces or 5.4m 2 045/087/007 71.04
60mm 8 pieces or 4.32m 2 045/087/008 67.95
75mm 6 pieces or 3.24m 2 045/087/009 63.52
80mm 6 pieces or 3.24m 2 045/087/010 67.66
100mm 5 pieces or 2.7m 2 045/087/001 70.30
Total: 0 0
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Kingspan Kooltherm K8 provides a high quality partial fill cavity wall insulation. Kingspan insulated panels are quick and easy to install and are suitable for use in both refurbishing and in new developments. K8 panels are non-harmful and safe to use without masks and have a class 0 fire rated insualtion core and the low emissity of the foil facings mean the thermal resistance of the cavity wall is increased, avoiding any unnecessry heating and cooling costs! Kingspan K8 panels are unaffected by air infiltration and because the clear cavity is contained by the insulated panels, moisture penetration is resisted. For more information about this or any of the products in our extensive range please call a member of our team directly on 07628 674910 or send an email using the 'contact us' section of the website.

  • Remarkable performance
  • Quick installation
  • Resists moisture
  • Thermally resistant
  • Many sizes
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Brand: Kingspan
Area: 0.54m2 per sheet
Insulation Type: K8
Type: Kingspan K8
Unique ID: 1101

Kingspan Insulation Boards K8 Cavity Board 1200mm x 450mm

Kingspan Insulation Boards K8 Cavity Board 1200mm x 450mm
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