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Office and Commerical Ceilings: 8 Things to Consider

Office and Commerical Ceilings: 8 Things to Consider

Ceilings are often a part of the built environment that people don't think a great deal
about or pay much attention to. However, they are an important part of any commercial
construction or refurbishment project and the right choice of ceiling can have a
dramatic impact on the quality of the space.

When specifying a commercial ceiling, it is important to consider the intended use for
the area. There are a range of materials, finishes and systems availble with a unique
range of properties that can impact spaces in a number of ways, including:

hERE ARE THE TOP 8 things
to consider:


Ceilings can have a significant impact on the acoustic properties of a space. In a commercial environment, suspended ceilings help to effectively manage accoustics and overall environmental quality, from improving the intelligibility of speech and other sounds to improving privacy and reducing noise intrusion or escape. The choice of ceiling can provide quieter areas where needed or allow sound to travel, be reflected or be absorbed depending on the indended use of the area.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is clearly an important part of any building. With commercial ceiling systems there are a range of options available to improve safety and ensure the necessary regulations are adhered to. Different types of materials that can be specified provide different levels of fire protection depending on the specific requirements of the space.


In premesis with suspended ceilings, insulation can be easily fitted into the void above the tiles or panels. Making sure that the building is well insulated helps towards reducing energy bills and consumption, improving comfort and enhancing green credentials. The materials and finish used the ceiling and their ability to absorb, transmit or reflect can also impact on the level of insulation provided.

Light Reflection

The choice of material, finish and colour used for the ceiling can help to make a space feel light, airy and open or closer and more cocooned as required. This can make a significant difference to the atmosphere and mood of the area and is important in spaces where light needs to be controlled.


Ceilings play an important role in the overall level of hygeine of a space. From improving air quality to controlling contamination and offering enhanced cleaning options, the right choice of ceiling system and the properties it brings will vary depending on the intended use of the space.


With a huge range of options available, specifying a ceiling system that remains consistent with the styling of the space shouldn't be a problem. From subtle and refined to dramatic and visually stimulating, there is a commercial ceiling system to suit any design style.


The ceiling system plays an important part of any environmentally responsible building. From highly reflective finishes that allow a reduction in electric lighting to smart materials that reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling, there are a number of options available to help improve the efficiency of the space.


As with any building or refurbishment project, cost is an important factor to consider. A suspended ceiling is cost effective and is quick and easy to install. The range of options available means that there is something to suit almost any budget whilst not compromising on style or quality. Commercial ceiling systems are usually relatively easy to adjust should changes need to be made in the future, with components such as individual tiles being cheap and easy to replace.

The type of suspended ceiling that will work best in any commercial environment
depends on the intended use of the space. There are options to suit any purpose,
design and requirement and it is important to consider all these factors before
specifying the type of ceiling to be installed.

by Phillip Lidgerton

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