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OSB 2 - 2440 x 1220 x 11mm

Code: 054/054/001
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OSB 2 Board is only available from us in 11mm thickness. OSB stands for Orientated Strand Board. It is also known as Waferboard, SmartPly, Sterling Board, and Exterior Board. OSB 2 Board is used as a load bearing board in dry conditions. The OSB Boards are manufactured from strands of wood that are unevenly layered in different directions before being compressed and bonded with adhesives. The cross-layering effect is what gives the board its unique structural properties. It has great load-bearing abilities and is also water resistant, although it is not suitable for outside use. It has many characteristics of plywood but is much cheaper. It is commonly used as a sheathing material in walls, floors and ceilings and can even be used in furniture.

  • Alternative to Ply
  • Load bearing
  • Oriented Strand Bd
  • Ideal for Site hoard
  • Great for racking
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Brand: Building Materials
Thickness: 11mm
Area: 2.98m2
Osb Thickness: 11mm
Pack Size: OSB
Unique ID: 90087

OSB 2 - 2440 x 1220 x 11mm

OSB 2 - 2440 x 1220 x  11mm
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