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Reinforcement Fabric

Type Product code Price (ex vat) Qty
A142 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/003 35.75
A142M 3600 x 2000mm (7.2m2/sheet) 401/003/004 25.33
A252 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/005 52.30
A252M 3600 x 2000mm (7.2m2/sheet) 401/003/006 38.75
A393 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/007 75.83
A393M 3600 x 2000mm (7.2m2/sheet) 401/003/008 53.10
B385 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/010 59.20
B503 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/011 74.34
B785 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/012 98.37
B785M 3600 x 2000mm (7.2m2/sheet) 401/003/013 66.37
C785 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/014 88.50
C636 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/015 74.84
C385 4800 x 2400mm (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/017 51.31
C283 4800 x 2400 (11.52m2/sheet) 401/003/018 42.41
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Reinforcement Fabric is available from us in a number of standard rebar mesh sizes. This product is a steel wire mesh used for reinforcing concrete structures. This concrete reinforcing mesh can be used in a number of constructions from paths and driveways to house foundations and ground beams. Where to use this sheet metal depends on the fabric type chosen. We stock a large range of standard fabric types from A142 to D49. Please speak to a member of our expert team before ordering on 01628 674910 so that we can supply you with the correct product.

  • Steel wire mesh
  • Reinforcing
  • Made with rebar
  • Various sizes
  • Fast delivery
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Area: 11.52m2
Brand: Building Materials
Mesh Type: Type D
Otherinformation: Type A
Rebar Type: Mesh
Rebar Use: Rebar Mesh
Steel Thickness: 5mm
Type: Rebar
Unique ID: 1222

Reinforcement Fabric

Reinforcement Fabric
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