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Rubberall Single Ply EPDM Flat Roofing

Rubberall Single Ply EPDM Flat Roofing

Rubberall Roofing uses EPDM rubber roofing technology that has been the choice of larger flat roofing contractors for flat roofing for over 30 years but is quickly becoming the product of choice in residential and light commercial roofing applications. Rubber roofing is now finding its way onto more and more residential projects. Properly installed, a rubber roof can solve even the most difficult flashing details.

There are many reasons why Rubberall EPDM should be your choice for flat or low sloping roofing projects. Unlike conventional asphalt roofing, there is no stress failure from structural movement due to the minimum 300% elongation of EPDM. Rubberall EPDM membrane will not split, crack or rupture due to extreme temperature fluctuations. It has a flexibility range of -59 degrees centigrade to +149 degrees centigrade. Commercial or residential Rubberall EPDM membrane applications will contain few (if any) joints. Due to the range of sheet sizes most flat roof applications can be installed in one piece. Any membrane joints that are necessary are installed using Rubberall Seam Tape that is proven to perform over time with no maintenance. Rubberall EPDM roofing systems can be installed on new construction and refurbishment projects without disruptive activities in the building. Unlike asphalt, an open flame from a torch is never used when installing the EPDM membrane as it is cold applied. Joint/Seam integrity is not an issue, if repairs become necessary they are easy to rectify even years after installation. Coatings are not necessary due to Rubberall EPDM membrane's high restitance to ultra violet rays and ozone. Rubberall EPDM membrane shows little or no effect form sun, rain, ice or snow.

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