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Concrete Repair & Protection

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  1. Weber Weber.cote EC
    Weber Weber.cote EC
    Price from: £70.27 £58.56

  2. Weber Weber.cote smooth
    Weber Weber.cote smooth
    Price from: £65.88 £54.90

  3. Weber Weber.cem Pyratop
    Weber Weber.cem Pyratop
    Price from: £5.70 £4.75

  4. Sika Sikatop 121
    Sika Sikatop 121
    Price from: £0.00 £0.00

  5. Fosroc Dekguard E2000
    Fosroc Dekguard E2000
    Price from: £167.48 £139.57

  6. Fosroc Dekguard Textured
    Fosroc Dekguard Textured
    Price from: £145.46 £121.22

  7. Fosroc Dekguard Elastic
    Fosroc Dekguard Elastic
    Price from: £194.40 £162.00

  8. Fosroc Nitoprime Zincrich Plus
    Fosroc Nitoprime Zincrich Plus
    Price from: £33.31 £27.76

  9. Fosroc Nitobond EP Standard
    Fosroc Nitobond EP Standard
    Price from: £88.37 £73.64

  10. Fosroc Nitobond SBR
    Fosroc Nitobond SBR
    Price from: £48.17 £40.14

  11. Fosroc Nitobond HAR
    Fosroc Nitobond HAR
    Price from: £83.76 £69.80

  12. Fosroc Nitobond AR
    Fosroc Nitobond AR
    Price from: £81.98 £68.32

  13. Fosroc Nitoprime 25
    Fosroc Nitoprime 25
    Price from: £100.70 £83.92

  14. Fosroc Nitomortar S
    Fosroc Nitomortar S
    Price from: £78.90 £65.75

  15. Fosroc Nitomortar HB
    Fosroc Nitomortar HB
    Price from: £81.04 £67.53

  16. Fosroc Nitobond EP
    Fosroc Nitobond EP
    Price from: £88.37 £73.64

  17. Fosroc Galvafroid
    Fosroc Galvafroid
    Price from: £98.90 £82.42

  18. Fosroc Nitocote SN502
    Fosroc Nitocote SN502
    Price from: £291.46 £242.88

  19. Fosroc Renderoc Primer
    Fosroc Renderoc Primer
    Price from: £16.62 £13.85

  20. Flexcrete Bond Prime
    Flexcrete Bond Prime
    Price from: £0.00 £0.00

  21. Flexcrete Cemprotec EF Primer
    Flexcrete Cemprotec EF Primer
    Price from: £31.76 £26.47

  22. Flexcrete Cemprotec E-942
    Flexcrete Cemprotec E-942
    Price from: £87.62 £73.02

  23. Flexcrete Cementitous Coating 851
    Flexcrete Cementitous Coating 851
    Price from: £80.24 £66.87

  24. Everbuild SBR
    Everbuild SBR
    Price from: £10.36 £8.63

Items 1-24 of 127

per page
Set Descending Direction
Concrete Repair & Protection

Concrete Repair & Protection

As distributors for the largest manufacturers in the concrete repair market, offer solutions to all your repair projects. From large scale renovations and structures to smaller jobs such as restoring kerbs and joint rises, we will always have a product or system to do the job cost- effectively and of high-quality. Our range includes Primers & steel protection, Cementitious repair mortars, resin repair mortars, crack injection and stitching materials, Fast setting pavement repairs, decorative coatings, anti-carbonation coatings, concrete resurfacer and more.

Browse through our high-quality products from brands such as Sika, Ardex, Weber, Fosroc, Everbuild, Flexcrete, Lisochem, Ronacrete and BASF and you are bound to find the ideal product to suit your needs.

Here at, we guarantee to provide you with high-quality products at competitive prices, so make us your one stop shop for your building supplies. Our services include nationwide delivery and trade accounts are also available. For more details contact us today to find out more information.

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