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DIY Disasters

DIY Disasters

Home improvements are a great way of making some long overdue changes or simply sprucing the place up a bit. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as simple as giving the house a fresh lick of paint and investing in some new ornaments however. Where there are ladders, drills, electrics and plumbing involved, you can be sure that there is a disaster story to go with. In fact, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has revealed that more than 200,000 DIY enthusiasts land themselves in hospital every year.

The Worst DIY Disasters


    • Nigel Kirk from Leicester may have been perfectly capable of carrying out his own home improvements but perhaps he should have been more careful when it came to leaving things lying around. The 53 year-old man was finishing off some DIY when he tripped over a towel and landed on a nail gun that shot a two inch nail into his heart. Miraculously, surgeons managed to save his life but he is one lucky man as doctors confirmed that had the nail gone just one millimetre further into his heart, it would have been fatal.

South Wales

    • A man from South Wales (who unsurprisingly asked to remain anonymous), had to be airlifted to hospital after falling off his ladder. As if the fall itself wasn’t bad enough, the DIY enthusiast had a six-foot plank of wood nailed to his head to top off his woes. Just in case it wasn’t embarrassing enough for the man after doctors and nurses at the hospital had a little chuckle over the ordeal, before surgeons could operate they had to call the fire brigade in to cut the wood down to a more manageable size.


    • It would appear that the residents of Wales have a lot to learn about DIY safety after Lyn Thomas from Swansea caused an almighty commotion after severing a gas pipe while laying down a brand new patio in her garden. Her whole street had to be evacuated whilst engineers and firemen cut off the gas supply.


    • If you think your phone bills are high then spare a thought for David Brown from Cambridgeshire. His handy work resulted in him accidentally slicing through an underground cable whilst trying to put up a new fence in his garden. Unfortunately BT didn’t see the funny side of this and didn’t hesitate to send him a bill for £25,000 worth of damage he caused.


  • Another anonymous DIYer from Canvey Island, Essex probably tops the league for the worst ever DIY disaster. His careless antics started a fire which left four families homeless after he attempted to burn the paint off his house. After it took 60 firefighters to tackle the blaze, he commented, “I’m not a DIY expert.” Somehow we think he will leave it up to the professionals next time.

For more information about home improvement disasters, have a read of our 5 most commonly occurring DIY problems. Although things can go wrong, this shouldn’t put you off because as long as you’re careful, you should get by without any issues. Our expert team is just a phone call away if you need any help or advice with regard to your project so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

by Phillip Lidgerton

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