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Celotex Insulated Plasterboard

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Buy Celotex Insulated Plasterboard

We sell both the Celotex PL and GD ranges at great prices with speedy delivery. You can get a first-class performance from this thermal insulation, resulting in lower utility bills, increased comfort and exceptional noise insulation. Browse our selection of Celotex insulated plasterboard below and order online today.

Our delivery times and reliable stock supplies make use the best option for when you need your construction materials in the fastest possible time. If you have a large order or unique need, we can provide a bespoke quote with competitive delivery charges. Please feel free to call us on 01628 674910 to learn more. 

What Are the Benefits of Celotex Insulated Plasterboard

Using a Celotex insulation board gives you high-performance results suitable for many sound insulation and fire resistance requirements. Ideal for both new builds and existing buildings, it can easily be used to upgrade the standards of many areas where more effective insulation is desirable.

The benefits of Celotex insulated plasterboard include the following:

  • Quick installation speeds: Celotex insulated plasterboard has an incredibly fast installation speed. The board fits easily together even in awkward spaces and offers the installer maximum flexibility and installation speed due to the tapered edge plasterboard, which creates a simple to fit design.
  • Easy for existing buildings: It is exceptionally easy to fit Celotex insulated plasterboard in an older building. Using any thickness will make an excellent upgrade to your current building performance, with Celotex PL4000 being a high performer with thicknesses from 27.5mm to 77.5mm.
  • Durable construction materials: The polyisocyanurate rigid foam core of the Celotex plasterboard gives you an impressive level of thermal conductivity, with a value of 0.022 W/m.K. PIR insulation is great for when you want a durable, thin and light material with outstanding performance.

The Celotex brand name is synonymous with quality. With an innovative design, the PIR insulation offers an extremely good alternative to other solutions such as rock wool. If you have specific heat insulation, noise insulation or fire resistance requirements Celotex products can help you to effectively meet your targets.

Where is Celotex Insulation Useful?

Celotex insulated plasterboard is available in a wide variety of thicknesses, which makes it useful in various situations. Potential areas where different thicknesses of thermal insulation are of high importance include the following:

  • Solid walled properties: Any home, public building or commercial property with solid walls can benefit from the excellent insulation that Celotex insulated plasterboard delivers. This could include but is not limited to office buildings, schools, hospitals, homes and many other settings.
  • Buildings with multiple units: Flats, hotels and other buildings such as student residences or hospitals can get a great boost to their fire resistance ratings by using Celotex plasterboard. The prices for Celotex are also very low when it comes to installing reliable insulation for larger projects.
  • Small spaces: It can be tricky to get effective thermal insulation for small rooms. However, the different thicknesses of the insulation Celotex provide means that even small rooms can gain the benefits of first-class thermal insulation - without losing any floor space.

Many projects could benefit from the high-quality and durable Celotex insulated plasterboard that we offer. We reliably deliver a wide variety of thermal insulation plasterboard products, but Celotex delivers a particularly durable, high-performance yet cost-effective result.

Why Choose Us For Your Celotex Insulated Plasterboard?

We supply the best products at the best prices, no matter what you are buying from us. Our position as leaders in the industry is based upon many years of experience, which has made us a key partner for many trades, builders and other professions in the UK where first-class construction materials are needed.

The following are some other amazing reasons to choose us for your Celotex insulated plasterboard and any other items that we sell:

  • Flexible delivery and collection options: Our team recognise that you might have a preference for flexible receipt of your items, which is why we offer convenient delivery and collection options. We are confident that we can find a solution that is perfect for your needs.
  • Trade accounts: Register now for a trade account and we can cater to even large orders with the most unique requirements with ease. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to ensure that you get the best products at the best prices, even when demand is extremely high. Call us now on 01628 674910 to speak with one of our advisors.
  • Enterprising product sourcing: All of our products are available to buy online but if you have a specialist product or a requirement for materials that are unlisted on our site - we can still help. Our talented team operates within networks of suppliers that many trades cannot access themselves.

It can be difficult to find reliable materials from a supplier. However, our sources are unparalleled, even in the face of rising shortages that affect the entire global market. By using our network of relationships and our established position in the industry, we can find the right products, at the right time - and with the right prices.

Buy High-Performance Celotex Insulated Plasterboard Today

Simply place your order for the amount of Celotex insulation you require and we will deliver within 2-3 working days. Our products are exceptional and supply times are backed by our position within the industry, so we are a wise choice.

If you have any type of building and construction material requirement we can help. We operate throughout the mainland UK and we are confident that we will always be your first choice. Please buy online or call us on 1628 674910 to speak with an advisor.

FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some frequently asked questions and useful information about Celotex insulated plasterboard and the services we provide:

What is Celotex?

Celotex is an American brand name operating under the Saint-Gobain umbrella. Saint-Gobain is a large corporation that provides a variety of high-quality construction materials. The original Celotex brand is known for high quality and effective insulation. Check out the rest of our Celotex products for more detail.

How Do You Fix Celotex Insulated Plasterboard?

You can do a mechanical fix for Celotex plasterboard, to timber battens or masonry, by using drill fixings. You can also use an acrylic sealant on existing plaster, so long as all of the existing plaster is in a good, stable and dry condition.

For any further questions, please call us on 01628 674910 to speak with one of our trade experts.