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Red bricks can give a classic look to buildings, walls, driveways, and more, coming in a range of tones and styles. Red bricks come in bright, consistent colours alongside more varied looks, helping them either stand out or blend in depending on needs. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll look at the benefits offered by red bricks, the types sold in the UK, and some of the key uses where they can offer aesthetic benefits.

Why Red Bricks?

Red bricks are the standard colour for clay bricks, instantly evoking the history of brick manufacturing and construction across UK history. Informally, the term red brick is used to describe the group of universities built during the Victorian era across the UK, all of which remain standing today, showcasing the beauty that can be offered by red brick construction and the strength and durability offered by all clay bricks. 

While other colours of facing brick will be available, from yellow to orange to black, the red brick is considered to be the standard colour, with a range of hues, mixtures, and textures available.

Types of Red Brick

When buying red bricks, you will typically be looking for facing bricks or engineering bricks. Facing bricks are strong and durable clay bricks that are intended for visible uses within a building, such as the outer walls of a house, a fireplace, or a standalone wall. The colour of a brick is generally caused by the reaction of the minerals in the clay during firing. Red bricks will be made from clay that is high in iron oxide. 

Engineering bricks can also be red, with class B bricks typically sold in red, though this isn’t always the case anymore. Historically, there were stronger class A blue engineering bricks and class B red engineering bricks. Engineering bricks are used for strength-based non-visual uses, and for bricks that will be in contact with water. They are made from clay but will be heated to a higher temperature than standard-facing bricks.

Within red-facing bricks, some options give a solid bright covering, such as the Forterra Harthill Red brick or the TBS Westley. These will create a clean, consistent look to a brick wall. For something a little more varied, perhaps to blend with existing building options like the Forterra Hampton Blend, have a distinct red hue with darker patches leading to a more textured wall. Reclaimed or antique red bricks will also be available, with authentic hue differences and weathering, whether looking to create a new structure or to fix or add to an existing one.

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The Uses of Red Bricks

Red brick houses have a traditional look and blend well within rural and residential environments. You can also use red bricks to create walls, for a sturdy property boundary that compliments gardens and houses. Bricks can be a great way to create paths and driveways, giving a solid and easy-to-maintain surface. Cleaner red bricks can give a professional look to a commercial building, while more varied ones can give a more natural and rustic look. Building a fireplace can also be an excellent use for red bricks, either blending with a classic building or contrasting with newer designs.

Red engineering bricks can be used for strength supports within a house or commercial building, offering a compressive strength greater than facing bricks. Their low water absorption means they will be regularly used within sewers, bridges, and areas of a building where dampness poses a risk, such as for the construction of damp-proof courses.

The Price of Red Bricks

Bricks will typically be sold by the pallet, which is not a set number but will usually fall between 400 and 600 bricks. An example from our website would be the Wienerberger Ewhurst Sienna Red brick, sold for £339 before VAT per 400 as of writing, around 83p per brick. This is a clean, consistent-looking red brick. A slightly more varied look is offered by the Ibstock Aldridge New Burntwood Red Rustic, currently around £399 before VAT for 316 bricks, or £1.26 per brick.

Beautiful Red Bricks For Sale

Building Materials Nationwide offers a huge range of red facing bricks for sale through our website, alongside red engineering bricks. We aim to offer everything a builder could need from a supplier in one handy place, delivered across the UK for a competitive price. 

Whether looking for clear block-coloured bricks, or those with more varied hues, you’ll find a range of excellent options. Customers within the building industry can also get a trade account through our website today. Our trade accounts give customers access to our full network of suppliers, express delivery options, and a dedicated account manager. Sign up now on our website.