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Bedroom doors need to offer both durability and a great look for your interior spaces. If you are shopping for bedroom doors you will be buying standard internal doors, but there is a range of door styles that are specifically suited for use in bedrooms, whether you are looking for a traditional or modern look.

What Are Bedroom Doors Made From?

Internal doors will not need to offer the same levels of durability or insulation as external doors, and as such a few different types of materials will be used. While external doors will often combine materials, internal options tend to be made from one single product. Here are the different material types you will be choosing from:

  • Wood: Solid wood doors can be produced from a wide range of softwood and hardwood timbers, and will give a classic look to a home. Thanks to their great strength, they are often used externally but can also be installed for internal uses such as for bedroom doors, though they carry a high price tag.
  • Hollow Core: A hollow core door will have a cavity within it, filled with honeycombed cardboard, and surrounded by veneers or engineered wood boards. They will be a cheaper option, and will be easy to install due to their light weight. A key drawback is their relatively low durability and their lack of noise and thermal insulation.
  • Solid Core: Solid core doors will have a comparable outer layer to hollow core models, but the internal cavity will be filled with engineered wood, offering greater strength and insulation. They are heavier and more expensive, but will offer a far closer comparison to solid wood doors.

Frosted glass panels can also be used on bedroom doors, to help light move through a house without compromising your privacy.

Bedroom Door Designs

The design of your bedroom door is a crucial decision to make, as it will completely alter the feel of your room, with sleek flush designs complementing a modern look, and panelled doors to suit a more traditional setting. Door accessories like handles and knobs will further complement the look.

Standard Bedroom Doors

Standard bedroom doors will be single-width, though the exact size you need will vary depending on the frames installed within your property. This can be a flush or panelled design:

  • Flush: This will be the sleek modern look, with a flat wooden finish. Whether installed with an attractive wooden veneer or painted in a huge range of colours, this will blend well in a minimalist modern setting.
  • Panelled: Panel doors are a more traditional look, with 2-panel, 4-panel, and 6-panel designs most commonly used. These can have a varnished wood look or can be painted.

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Sliding Bedroom Doors

Sliding doors are often used for built-in wardrobes in a bedroom, but can also be used for the main door. While this will sacrifice some of the acoustic insulation offered, it provides a great way to make the most of a limited bedroom area, letting you use the space that would otherwise have been taken up by the opening radius of a hinged door. 

When looking for sliding doors you’ll have two options. Standard sliding doors will have a track installed on one side of the door, while pocket doors will have a track installed within the wall, with the door moving into a wall cavity. This will save even more space within a bedroom.

Glazed Bedroom Doors

While having a regular glazed panel within a bedroom door would allow light to move through a building, the lack of privacy would make it an unsuitable choice for most. A great alternative is to opt for a door with an opaque frosted glass panel. These are a solid choice for both bedrooms and bathrooms. A range of internal glazed door styles will be available, with modern rectangular panels, and more striking curved or diagonal looks.

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Bifold Bedroom Doors

Bifold doors are installed on hinges, designed to fold in half horizontally, meaning they occupy a far smaller space when opening. Much like sliding doors, folding doors are a great choice for smaller bedrooms where making the most of space is vital. Bifold doors are also used within bedrooms for built-in wardrobes.

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Buying Bedroom Doors

As we’ve covered, bedroom doors are sold in a wide range of styles and finishes. You can buy finished and unfinished models, with pre-finished doors offering a glazed or coloured look that can be installed straight away, and unfinished requiring things like hinges, door handles, and paint to be applied, allowing you more customisation options, and potentially saving money across a larger project.

Attractive Bedroom Doors For Sale With UK Delivery

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