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Offering a range of traditional and modern looks, internal doors with glass panels bring some crucial benefits to a property, allowing light to move through a house and minimising noise pollution. When looking for the ideal glazed interior doors to suit a building, you’ll have a wide range of styles to choose from, with standard-width doors available alongside sliding doors, french doors, and more.

The Benefits of Installing Glass Doors Inside Your Home

Glass doors are an increasingly popular choice for modern homes, creating bright sociable spaces. Here are the three main benefits of opting for internal doors with glass elements.

  • Aesthetics: Interior decor elements such as doors need to balance function with aesthetic considerations. Glass doors, or doors built with glass panels, can bring beauty to a space, whether installed in an older building or a modern home. Large glass doors can look great within a contemporary flat or house, while wooden doors with curved glass panels will bring rustic charm to a more historic property.
  • Light: Well-placed glass doors can help to carry natural light through a home. Darker internal rooms will often have a dour, oppressive atmosphere, while those bathed in light feel larger and more comfortable. There are other benefits to a naturally brighter home, with less need to use electrical lights, and increased visibility between rooms, perfect for keeping an eye on children and pets.
  • Acoustic Insulation: Internal glass doors work to reflect noise, keeping it within a room rather than letting it bounce through a house. This can offer benefits in multiple areas, stopping a noisy TV from bothering you in the kitchen or keeping the noises from the kitchen out of a dining room.
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The Best Locations to Install Internal Doors With Glass Panels

Larger glass doors are fantastic as room dividers within communal areas, acting to bridge places like dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and conservatories. These designs will often open fully, letting you create larger open-plan spaces when needed. The greater size will also allow a fantastic amount of light to move through a house. Larger glass doors are also great within commercial spaces like offices.

Smaller glass doors will still offer these benefits within your interior spaces, a great way to help light move through the communal areas of a property. In addition, installing a glass door to a room can create a brighter hallway space, with frosted glass available for bathrooms and bedrooms. 

What Designs of Internal Doors With Glass Are Available?

You will have a huge range of internal design options when shopping for doors with glass elements, with some utilising smaller glass panels within a solid door, and others built around large panels of glass within frames.

Wooden Interior Doors

Most interior doors are constructed from either real wood or engineered wood such as MDF. Standard timber door sets made from real woods like oak and pine involving glass panels can be found in a range of designs. 

Sleek modern looks tend to favour larger square or rectangular panels, while traditional designs can have glass panels in an arch shape, or glass panels on the top half of a wooden door. Engineered wood doors can offer a comparable look to a solid hardwood door, with quality oak veneers giving an authentic outer appearance.

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Internal Bifold Doors With Glass

Bifold doors with glass panels are commonly used as patio doors or back doors, creating brighter interior rooms and opening fully to bridge your house and your garden. However, these same benefits can be found internally, with bifold doors letting light pass through into social spaces. The doors will fold to one or both sides of the track, allowing you to join your internal rooms or separate them as needed.

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Modern Solid Glass Doors

For a truly sleek look, installing a glass door can be a bold choice in a social space. Made from solid glass except metal hinges and handles, these doors can be transparent or frosted, creating open and bright spaces. 

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Sliding Doors

An alternative to bifold doors, sliding doors are made of two or more panels that can be slid together to make an opening. They have less visible framing than bifold doors, and will not take up additional floor space when opened, but the opening from a set of bifold doors will be far wider as they are designed to fold against a wall like a concertina.

Cottage Doors

Cottage doors offer a traditional look compared to modern flush styles. They will feature thin vertical panels, usually from floor to ceiling, and will sometimes have an additional diagonal beam on top of this. These can be designed with glass panels, typically a square panel at the top of the door, or four square panels supported around a wooden cross (called a mullion).

French Doors

French doors are double-door sets that join in the middle. Fitted with attractive glass panels, they are another great choice for the communal areas of a home. You’ll find a range of wooden and metal options built around large glass panels.

What Types of Glass Are Available?

Alongside regular transparent panels, certain models frosted or stained glass options.

Internal Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted glass panels will offer the privacy needed for a bedroom or bathroom door, while still allowing a good amount of light to pass through.

Internal Stained Glass Doors

Stained glass panels give a traditional look to a home and are more typically used as part of a front door set. However, there are options for internal doors with stained glass panels. These will typically be on the top half of a door and will cast coloured light around your home when installed. Several companies are producing stained glass panelling within the UK, with custom designs available.

What Are the Cheapest Internal Doors With Glass?

Larger glass internal doors like bifold doors or sliding doors are likely to cost thousands of pounds for parts and installation. However, standard glazed interior doors are far cheaper, with many in our range costing around £150 before VAT. These can be bought pre-finished, meaning they will be quite simple to install yourself. 

Installing standard-width glass doors within a home is not a considerable expense compared to solid doors, though larger models will constitute an investment in your property.

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