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Natural wood boards are often used to create an innovative, stylish space in gardens, as well as the steps leading up or down to it. They also provide a cost-effective and value-for-money option for an outdoor space, as they are easily kept and can be enjoyed for many years to come. However, when constructing a deck as part of a home or work project, it is important to ensure the structure is compliant with planning permission and Building Regulations, especially in terms of safety.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we can supply you with decking boards that help to ensure full compliance is achieved, no matter what type of project you are undertaking.

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Cladco Composite Fascia Board 2400mm x 146mm x 10.5mm - Redwood

From £15.51

Cladco Composite Fascia Board 2400mm x 146mm x 10.5mm - Olive Green

Cladco Composite Fascia Board 2400mm x 146mm x 10.5mm - Olive Green

From £15.51

Cladco Composite Fascia Board 2400mm x 146mm x 10.5mm - Ivory

Cladco Composite Fascia Board 2400mm x 146mm x 10.5mm - Ivory

From £15.51

Building Regulations for Safe Decking

Decking structures in England may fall under building regulations or require planning permission, depending on specific factors.

Smaller decking platforms are typically installed under "permitted development" rights not needing council approval. However, larger or more complex decks likely require adherence to regulations. Key considerations include:

  • Height - Decking exceeding 30cm above ground may need approval.
  • Area - Decks occupying over 50% of a garden space often require planning permission.
  • Location - Decks within 20 meters of highways or affecting neighbours' privacy/amenities may need council permits.

Additional situations can also trigger the need for planning permission, like decks attached to listed buildings or in protected areas. Structures over 3 meters tall often require approval too.


Compliant Timber Decking

All of our timber decking boards comply with UK building regulations. We use top-grade hardwoods and softwoods that meet structural integrity standards for outdoor use.

Maximise Compliance With Professional Treatments

Our timber boards undergo professional pressure treatment with TANALITH E preservatives. This registered pesticide and water repellant exceeds compliance benchmark standards for resistance to moisture, rot, mould, insects and other decay factors. The treatment penetrates deep into the wood’s core to lock in durable protection.

Safety First With Anti-Slip Options

Choose our anti-slip decking boards to mitigate risk and meet safety compliance codes around pools, tubs, or entire deck areas. These boards feature sturdy inlaid grip strips, providing stability in wet conditions that standard deck boards cannot. Safety officials specifically cite slip resistance as a key factor during deck inspections.

Customise Your Regulation-Approved Deck

All property development projects differ. With our range of compliant timber decking boards and accessories, you can mix and match components to achieve unique compliant deck designs for safety, access, ventilation and more. Our team can support you in creating compliant deck plans.

Regulation-Approved Composite Decking

All our composite deck boards comply with UK building regulations. Made from 60% recycled hardwood and 40% polyethene, these boards are designed for superior compliance, able to withstand decades of heavy use. The highly durable boards minimise risks that lead to compliance failures - deterioration, splintering, warping, mould, and slick surfaces.

These highly durable boards minimise maintenance for decades, preserving structural integrity and sustained compliance. They never compromise visual appeal or versatile options to meet compliance rules.

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Compliant Railings And Balustrades For Secure Decks

UK Building Regulations require deck structures over a certain height to install balustrades and railings to prevent falls and injuries. Our systems meet all structural integrity, height, spacing, and load-bearing codes to optimize safety compliance.

With superior durability, our metal balustrade components withstand decades of heavy use without corrosion, splintering or compromising strength. All products have passed rigorous impact testing, ensuring guarded compliance for years beyond changing regulations.

Multiple pieces can be added to these balustrades, allowing you to create a border around fully protected decking. This ensures full compliance with health and safety regulations.

Budget-Friendly Compliant Decking

We offer competitively priced decking to fit every budget while adhering to UK building regulations. Investing in proper compliant materials from the start saves time and costs down the road. Outfit timber decks with our affordable slip-resistant boards in high-risk areas like stairs or wet zones. These can minimise later expenses for injury and lawsuit-linked repairs.

Gain decades of resilient, splinter-free enjoyment from our composite decks to withstand decades of wear, weather and strict safety inspections. The minimal lifetime maintenance costs keep your home enjoyable and code-compliant for generations.

Compliance Assured With A Trade Account

Our trade accounts offer comprehensive support and resources to nail compliance across decking projects. Our trade experts work with you to determine layouts, components and budgets tailored to your unique needs before you invest. Feel confident you’ll pass rigorous inspections the first time while sticking to your budget.

Tap into our fully-vetted UK-wide supplier ecosystem with one account. Reliably procure all decking code essentials in one place – from durable screws meeting structural benchmarks to galvanized fasteners resisting corrosion.

Keep your large-scale deck builds moving forward through urgent delivery prioritisation of code-approved timber, anti-slip boards, composite planking, durable balustrades and more essentials. Avoid wasted rework that arises when racing to source compliant parts nearing inspections.

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