22nd Mar 2023 -

Given the wildly varying conditions of natural soil within the UK, topsoil is an essential addition for most professional gardeners, alongside those looking to create a verdant flower bed, lawn, or allotment. We offer a range of quality topsoil bags, with quick delivery across the UK.

Our Range of Bagged Topsoil For Sale

We offer a selection of topsoil bags through our site, selling both bulk bags and tonnes or half tonnes made up of smaller bags. You’ll find organic topsoils designed for specific uses such as growing vegetables, lawn care, or plant beds.

  • Vegegrow Topsoil: This blended topsoil is a popular choice for allotments, helping to grow fantastic vegetables. Composed of a screened topsoil blended with organic black compost, it is a light and nutrient-rich option that can also be used for beds, plant pots, and hanging baskets. We sell Vegegrow bagged topsoil in 750kg bulk bags, along with half-ton and ton amounts made up of 25kg bags.
  • Topdressing: Topsoil can provide vital benefits to a lawn, and this bagged product is intended to revitalise an existing lawn as part of a reseeding process. It is made from a blend of topsoil and silica sand, screened to a depth of 2mm. We offer topdressing in bulk bags, and 500kg or 1000kg amounts in 25kg bags.
  • Lawnmix Topsoil: An alternative to topdressing, these topsoil bags are used for laying turf or the initial seeding of a lawn. They are made from peat-free topsoil that has been left fallow for several years and screened to 14mm to ensure solid drainage. We offer Lawnmix topsoil in bulk bags, or 500kg or 1000kg amounts made up of 25kg bags.
  • Bordermix Topsoil: This blended bagged topsoil features a specialist mixture of screened sandy loam topsoil, alongside both mushroom compost and standard organic compost. It is optimised for things like planters and flower beds. Again, you can buy Bordermix topsoil in 750kg bulk bags, or a ton or half-ton made from 25kg bags.

Want to view our full range?

  1. Lawnmix Topsoil (900/001/97487)


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • Peat free
    Price from: £104.59 £125.51
  2. Vegegrow Topsoil (009/001/97489)


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • 100% peat-free organic blend
    Price from: £110.35 £132.42
  3. Bordermix Topsoil (900/001/97488)


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • Screened to 14mm
    Price from: £110.35 £132.42

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Choosing Building Materials Nationwide For Bulk Topsoil Delivery

We work with gardeners and landscapers across the country, with high-quality products suited to a range of both personal and professional projects. Within our comprehensive Garden and Outdoors category you’ll find a range of bagged Soils and Compost for sale, all of which can be delivered to you across the UK.

If you’re looking for professional supplies, then our trade accounts are essential. We’ll pair you with a dedicated account manager, who’ll organise deliveries for you either via phone or email and will be able to source you anything you need, regardless of whether we list it on our website. Everything you order will be delivered, fast, and at a fantastic trade price. Sign up through our website now.


What is topsoil?

How does topsoil work?

How much topsoil will I need?

What bags are topsoil sold in?

In most cases, there will be two sizes of topsoil bags available. 25kg topsoil bags are used for both private and commercial gardening projects and can be bought in bulk, such as our 500kg or 1000kg options. The alternative is a bulk bag of topsoil, which will typically be 750kg in weight and is more often used for professional work where larger volumes will be used. This will typically save you money, time, and be better for the environment.