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Perhaps the most iconic fence look in the UK, closeboard fences offer strength and security, with an appearance you’ll be able to customise through post types, alongside staining or paint choices. When looking to purchase closeboard fence panels you’ll have a few options, and will need to pay attention to installation and long-term care to ensure the performance you need.

What Are Closeboard Fence Panels?

Closeboard fence panels are designed from vertical boards, partially overlapped across each board, achieved through a feather edge board design which allows them to neatly fit together. They will be connected to horizontal rails, which will be fixed within solid posts along the fence. A popular choice is to cap closeboard fences with another rail, offering a neat finish. This design offers some key benefits over other fence types:

  • Security: Other fence designs can leave small gaps throughout, which for some customers is a benefit but others will see it as a security compromise. Closeboard fences will completely block visibility into a garden, offering excellent privacy as a boundary screening.
  • Durable: The sturdy post and rail design means that the fence panels themselves are securely fastened, making them resistant to weather and other factors that could damage weaker fencing.
  • Range of uses: Thanks to being installed between fence posts, there is a range of closeboard fence applications, including on sloping or uneven ground.
  • Easy fixes: Closeboard fences are built out of many pieces that can be replaced without removing the whole of the fence, from the panels to the posts themselves.

What Closeboard Fencing Panels Are Available to Buy in the UK?

When looking to buy closeboard fence panels you will almost always be looking at timber boards, with some providers offering a range of wood choices and others simply opting for a standard timber that has been pressure or dip-treated for exterior use. Closeboard fence panels are usually sold as single pre-made units designed to be installed between posts. 

When it comes to materials, you’ll have more choice when buying posts for your closeboard fence, with some opting for concrete posts to provide greater strength, though the look might not be for everyone. Some designs will also include metal elements to secure rails to posts or come with a cap rail above the boards. Gravel boards can be used below fence panels to ensure that soil and gravel are protected within a garden. Another option is double-sided closeboard fencing, which will have two sets of panels facing either side.

Different sizes of closeboard fence panels will be available. 6ft is considered the standard height for fencing, but widths of 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft can be bought, allowing you to make a range of fence constructions. 6x6 and 6x5 are probably the most common choices in the UK. Most options will be pressure treated, and some will be labelled as heavy-duty specifically, more suited to commercial uses or within areas with high levels of wind.

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    How are closeboard fencing panels installed?

    The process for installing a closeboard fence will involve carefully measuring, digging, and installing posts across your route, before installing the rails in place. Then you can either install individual feather edge fence panels or the larger pre-made panels typically sold in the UK. This is a job that will require some degree of skill but can be accomplished by a confident DIYer.

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