24th Mar 2023 -

Offering safety, support, and style within a garden environment, decking handrails are a fantastic addition to a timber or composite decking system, and a popular choice for UK homeowners. We have high-quality models for sale through our website, with fast delivery across the UK.

The Benefits of Solid Deck Handrails

Decking handrails serve a variety of purposes for customers, from the practical to the aesthetic:

  • Aiding Safety: While decking is a fantastic addition to an exterior space, offering an attractive, flat area for relaxation or entertainment, it can bring risks to some customers. During rainier months deck boards can present a slipping hazard, and in cases where layered decking is installed, there can be sharp drops which can also pose a risk. Installing decking handrails will ensure that these risks are minimised.
  • A Fantastic Look: Deck handrails will add a refined and stylish look to your garden space. Many opt for them for this reason alone, creating a striking border around their deck structure, that either contrasts or complements their decking and garden.
  • Support: Many looking to install handrails around their decking do so because of the support it can offer. For those with some issues around mobility, having a strong handrail easily accessible can make the decking a usable space.

Quality deck handrails will offer long-term durability with little maintenance, making them a simple one-time addition to decking, either installed alongside it or added at a later date.

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Our Range of Decking Handrailing

We sell an attractive balustrade handrailing system for decking in a range of sizes, located within our decking accessories category.

This standardised design is made from aluminium, which is powder-coated in a deep black. It features a sturdy top handrail, and evenly spaced balustrades across each unit, which can be easily connected to form continual handrails across your decking. 

These units are light and offer great strength alongside long-term resistance to rust and rot. They’re a fantastic choice and come in a range of sizes, with a standard height of 1050mm, and widths of up to 2.4m.

Along with these, we offer decking posts designed to be used alongside the handrails, and gates that can be installed within a handrail system.

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Choosing Building Materials Nationwide

Building Materials Nationwide offers a range of garden and landscaping components for sale through our website, intended for both professionals and hobbyists. Within our selections, you’ll find timber decking, composite decking, and our sturdy deck handrail options. All can be delivered to you across the UK.

If you’re working within a professional industry our trade accounts are for you. We’ll pair you with a dedicated account manager who’ll take the hassle out of sourcing the items and materials you need, from decking handrails to so much more. Thanks to our network of supplier relationships we’ll be able to get you exactly what you need, delivered to your site fast, and at a brilliant trade price. 

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Do I need handrailing for my decking?

In the UK, a decking railing system is required on commercial properties where the decking has more than two steps. For a garden project they are not required, but as we’ve shown above, offer a series of great benefits and can be considered vital for some users, or some uses, such as when a hot tub is installed within a deck.

Can handrails be installed onto an already-built deck?

Is a professional required to install decking handrails?

What types of decking handrails are available?