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When it comes to creating the perfect garden or outdoor space, decorative aggregates can be used to create a wide range of features, making eye-catching and low-maintenance spaces in a garden. Whether using slates, pebbles, or decorative stones, you’ll have a selection of options available to you for paths, flower beds, and more. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explore the types of decorative aggregates sold in the UK and some of their key uses.

What Are Decorative Aggregates?

In construction, an aggregate is a material composed of small to medium particles. This can range from something like sand up to larger pebbles. Finer aggregates are used within the production of mortar, while larger aggregates are used within concrete mixing, or to create hidden base layers beneath other materials. While these aggregate types will typically be hidden from view or used within a mixture, there are also decorative aggregates that can be used for visual features, typically within the landscaping. A decorative aggregate will be chosen for its fetching appearance, and will either be produced in a consistent colour or as a blend.


What Types of Decorative Aggregates Are Available For Gardens?

Aggregates range in size from grains in fine sand to larger pebbles and slates. When it comes to landscaping uses, except sandpits, decorative aggregates tend to start at the level of grit, continuing into coloured gravels and bigger pieces of slate. Horticultural grit comes in diameters of between 1mm and 6mm, formed of a range of colours, comparable to the rocks on a beach. 

When it comes to gravel you’ll be able to choose specific colours to benefit the look of your house and garden, from WhiteGrey Limestone Gravelto Welsh Brown GravelStaffordshire Pink Gravel, or even Golden Gravel Chippings. These gravels tend to be sold in diameters of 10mm or 20mm, with the larger offerings working better for certain uses like driveways.

Larger decorative aggregates are available, with options like slates and rockery stones giving a distinctive look in an outdoor space. You’ll also be able to buy cobbles, which will be up to 150mm in diameter, recreating a seaside look within a garden space.

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Where Will Decorative Aggregates Be Used?


Within landscaping there are a variety of uses for decorative aggregates, that offer both aesthetic and practical benefits for homeowners:

  • Driveways: Both larger gravels and options like slates can be used to create attractive and practical driveways, offering a fantastic blend with countryside properties. To lay decorative aggregates in a driveway, the ground must be carefully flattened, before being covered with a layer of crushed stone, a weed control membrane, and your choice of decorative aggregate. The driveway will need to be bordered by solid stones.
  • Paths: Like driveways, garden paths can bring both function and elegance to the world of landscaping. Attractive pebbles can be used to make a path through a wooded garden, perhaps leading to a raised platform or pergola. These will also require careful installation, with a levelled base, a layer of crushed rock, and a weed control membrane. This will help paths to stay level and free from weed growth.
  • Garden Feature: Pebbles, slates, and other decorative aggregates can be installed within a garden as an alternative to grass, creating sharp, low-maintenance spaces. They can also be used to surround a landscaping feature, such as a statue or a pond.
  • Surrounding Plants: A popular use for decorative aggregates is within plant pots or beds surrounding the stems of flowers, trees, or bushes. Aggregates can act as an alternative to mulch, helping to limit the growth of weeds, and can also help to keep the soil warm.
  • Ponds: Decorative aggregates can be used to surround a pond, but can also be included within ponds to create an attractive base. Using a blend of different aggregates can give a more natural look.

You can use different aggregates for different purposes in a garden. For instance, a path made from slate chips bordered by a plant bed covered in golden gravel or a pond with embedded stone chippings.

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