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A well-designed and strategically placed garden shed can be a valuable addition to any outdoor space. Whether you are an avid gardener, a DIY enthusiast, or simply in need of extra storage, a garden shed provides a practical solution for organising your tools, equipment, and supplies.

But before you rush into purchasing a shed, it is crucial to consider several key factors to ensure a hassle-free installation that meets your needs. In this article, we will explore the essential considerations when searching for the right garden shed. From size and material selection to location and assembly options, we will guide you through the decision-making process to help you make an informed choice. 

What you should consider when buying an easy-to-assemble garden shed

When you plan to buy an easy-to-assemble garden shed, there are several key considerations to think about. By considering these points, you can confidently find an easy-to-assemble garden shed that suits your personal preferences.

  1. Budget: Compare prices of different sheds and weigh up the features and materials used. While an easy-to-assemble shed may have a higher upfront cost, it can save you time and frustration during the installation.
  2. Assembly process: Be sure to look for sheds that are specifically marketed as easy to assemble. Check if your shed comes with pre-cut or pre-drilled parts and labelled components. Some shed models may even include assembly tools or have an online video tutorial on how to build a garden shed.
  3. Clear instructions: If a video tutorial is not available, find out if your shed comes with easy-to-follow and detailed assembly instructions. Simple diagrams and step-by-step guidance make the assembly process much smoother. Look out for sheds that include written instructions along with visual aids.

Types of easy-to-assemble garden sheds

A dark wood garden shed with a cream double door surrounded by green fields and flowers with woodland in the background.

From modular designs to pre-cut panels, we explore various types of garden sheds that effortlessly come together, allowing you to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space. Below are 7 types of garden sheds and storage spaces we supply that are generally considered easy-to-assemble models.

1. Shiplap apex shed

This shiplap apex shed features a traditional apex design and is made from high-quality shiplap tongue and groove cladding. It often comes with pre-cut panels which are already shaped to fit together.

The panels of the shed typically feature an interlocking design, where the edges of each panel fix together securely. This design simplifies the construction process as it ensures a snug fit without the need for additional hardware or difficult joinery techniques.

Also, the assembly of a shiplap apex shed typically requires only basic tools like a hammer, screwdriver, and possibly a drill. The limited number of tools reduces the likelihood of complications.

These sheds are often produced using lightweight materials such as treated timber, which make it easier to handle and position the individual components, limiting the amount of physical effort you need to put in. 

2. Overlap apex shed

Like the shiplap apex shed, the overlap apex shed also comes with pre-cut panels. These panels are already sized and shaped, so you will not need to worry about measuring and cutting.

The shed panels are designed to overlap, which makes the assembly process straightforward, and the design provides stability and allows the panels to interlock. Similar to the shiplap apex model, the overlap shed generally requires only simple tools like a screwdriver and hammer.

This keeps the tool requirements minimal and accessible to most DIY enthusiasts.

3. Shiplap pent shed

The shiplap pent shed features a pent roof design, which means it has a single-sloping roof. This design simplifies the construction process compared to more complex roof designs like apex roofs. Fewer roof components and angles make the assembly of the shed roof relatively easy.

Plus, assembling a pent shed usually requires only basic tools, including clear instructions with diagrams, and the shed panels feature a simple interlocking design. Also, the shed panels are already pre-cut, sized and shaped, saving any stress and effort with cutting panels to size. 

4. Corner shed

Ideal for maximising space, corner sheds fit neatly into the corner of your garden. We offer various corner shed models that are designed for easy assembly and efficient use of space.

This space-efficient design contributes to the ease of shed installation as it provides clear guidance on the positioning and alignment of the panels. Because corner sheds are usually constructed using light materials including treated timber, the shed assembly is much easier to manage compared to other shed types. 

5. Garden store

If you need additional storage for garden tools and equipment, a garden store can be a great option. Garden stores are often designed to be compact and portable, making them easier to handle during installation.

Their smaller size compared to larger structures means that the individual components are generally more manageable to manoeuvre. In addition, garden store panels are easy to align and fit together, are created using lightweight materials, and the design of a garden store focuses on practicality and functionality, making the assembly process more user-friendly.

6. Bike store shed

Specifically used to store your bikes, this shed offers secure storage with easy access. It often features a compact design and comes with simple assembly instructions. Many bike store sheds are available with pre-cut panels that are already shaped and sized for installation.

These panels easily fit together, preventing the need for complex shaping or cutting of the different components. Overall, pre-cut panels save time and effort, making the assembly process more efficient. 

7. Plastic shed

Also commonly known as a PVC shed, plastic storage sheds are much lighter compared to metal or wooden garden sheds. Because of its material, plastic sheds are easily portable, allowing for simple relocation if needed. The components can be disassembled and reassembled, making them convenient if you may need to move or rearrange your outdoor storage space.

Unlike some other shed types that may require specialised tools or heavy equipment, plastic sheds are designed with simplicity in mind. A rubber mallet and a screwdriver are likely the only tools you will need for the assembly.

Should you buy a ready-built garden shed?

Definitely. Although they are less common than purchasing shed kits, it is a convenient option if you prefer to skip the construction process and have a ready-to-use shed. But before you buy, you should consider a few pros and cons.

Durability and quality: Reputable shed manufacturers often construct their pre-built sheds using quality materials and craftsmanship. This results in a durable and long-lasting structure that can withstand various weather conditions.Local regulations: Your pre-built shed should comply with local building regulations. Sometimes, pre-built sheds may not meet specific requirements. The UK Government’s Planning Portal or directly approaching your local planning authority are the best resources to check this.
Speedy installation: Since your shed is already built, you can set it up in your garden relatively quickly. This means you can start using it for storage or other reasons without any delay.Limited customisation: While pre-built sheds offer a variety of designs, they may not perfectly match your specific needs. Customisation options such as adding a gutter or windows, are usually limited.
Convenience: With a pre-built shed frame, you do not have to worry about the time-consuming and potentially challenging process of constructing a shed from scratch.Placement and delivery: Transportation and placement can be challenging. Access to your garden might be limited for delivery, and moving a large, pre-built shed can be difficult if you do not have suitable access points.
Variety and design: Ready-built sheds come in a wide range of sizes. Choose from various options available - from garden stores to large wooden sheds - and find one that fits your specific requirements.Increased cost: They tend to be more expensive compared to building a shed from scratch. You pay for the convenience of having a pre-assembled structure, and this added cost may not fit everyone's budget.

How much does a garden shed installation cost?

Timber frame of a garden shed ready to be built next to a bird table.

The cost of installing your garden shed can vary based on factors such as size, materials, complexity of the installation and where you live. Here are approximate price ranges for small, medium, and large garden sheds. To note, these estimated prices include the price of the shed, the installation materials and any labour costs.

Size (ft)Estimated cost
Small (typically 4ft x 6ft or 6ft x 8ft)£300 - £800
Medium (typically 8ft x 10ft or 10ft x 12ft)£800 - £2,000
Large (typically 12ft x 14ft or bigger)£2,000 - £5,000+

Easy-to-assemble garden sheds with quick UK delivery options

Perhaps you are thinking about introducing a small wooden shed or garden store for your outdoor space. We offer high quality and convenience when it comes to supplying garden sheds. Whether you decide to build your shed from wood, metal or plastic, we supply the best materials for you to construct a safe and durable garden shed.

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