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Composite decking is a highly resilient form of garden decking, with boards made from recycled hardwood fibres and refined polyethene, but despite its strength and durability, it is not immune to dirt. Fallen leaves, muddy shoes, and food spills are some common messes, and in the event of any of these, it is good to know how to clean your composite decking effectively.

In this complete guide, we will take you through the process you should take in cleaning your composite decking, in order to achieve the best results and preserve your decking’s longevity.

Step 1: Prepare Your Composite Decking for Cleaning

To start, make sure the space is clear and ready for cleaning. Move any furniture and obstructions from the decking and remove any sizeable debris, such as clumps of mud, piles of leaves, branches, or other kinds of scattered dirt. 

This will make the cleaning process much easier, and avoid smearing or embedding debris into your composite decking’s surface.

Step 2: Choose Your Cleaning Solution and Method

There are a number of different products and methods you can put to use when cleaning your composite decking. Though the choice between them is yours, it is important to understand how each solution/method combo works for individual types of mess.

Warm water and dish soap should be all you need to clean away most dirt and spills. It is a highly effective cleaner, very cost-effective, and exists in most people’s homes. 

For information on other cleaning solutions and whether or not you can use pressure washers, please refer to our FAQs below. 

Step 3: Clean Your Composite Decking

When cleaning your composite decking, focus on small sections and work your way out, making sure to evenly cover every area, from corner to corner.

Below are some common types of spoilage and how we would recommend tackling them:

  • Oil and Grease Spills: Use a soft brush and warm, soapy water. The lifting action of dish soap will help to break down the oil and clear it from the composite surface.
  • Mould Growth: Break up the mouldy patches with a soft brush and then wash them away with warm, soapy water. Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent regrowth.
  • Fallen Snow and Ice: Simply use a plastic shovel and dig up the snow and ice from the decking. If the snow is loose and the ice is not too severe, use a soft brush.
  • General Scratches: Scuffs and imperfections are a result of normal use, and can be left alone to naturally fade away over time. 
  • Bird Excrement: Wash away with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush.
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Step 4: Rinse Your Composite Decking Thoroughly

Once you have applied your cleaning solution evenly across the surface of your composite decking, you should rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt and spoilage, as well as any residual cleaning solution that could be slippery and cause harm to you or others.

Step 5: Finish Off and Prevent Future Mess

You can leave your composite decking to air dry once clean, and that will complete the job. You can use products such as protective coatings to prevent a mess in the future, but some level of semi-regular cleaning is normal for all decking types, including composite. 

Our composite decking comes treated with water-resisting capabilities, which makes cleaning wet and sticky messes much easier, as they will not stain or cling to the surface of the decking. If you are considering new decking for your garden, and want a low-maintenance solution, the composite decking we offer requires very little care and holds up well in a number of conditions.

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Why is it important to clean composite decking?

Like any other type of garden decking, composite decks need to be cleaned in order to prevent mould growth, staining, and embedding debris that can cause damage. Though composite decking requires much less maintenance than wood or metal decking, you should still try to keep it clean, checking on its condition every few weeks.

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