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For many homeowners across the UK, protecting their property from potential threats is a top priority. Burglars and intruders seek vulnerable entry points, and a solid back garden fence can serve as a vital deterrent. 

From choosing the right fence design and materials to ensuring proper installation, every aspect plays a crucial role in enhancing garden security. Incorporating additional security measures can further reinforce your defence against potential intrusions.

This guide will help you make the best choice of secure fencing so you can protect your property with confidence.

What Back Garden Fences Are Best For Security?

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When it comes to choosing the best back garden fence for security, homeowners in the UK will normally be opting for wooden or composite options, as metal fences are not traditionally used around domestic properties. 

Solid fence designs that provide no visibility from the outside are highly recommended for maximising security, as they ensure would-be intruders cannot see into a garden. In the UK, there is typically a maximum height restriction for back garden fences, usually 2 metres, so security-conscious homeowners should build as close to this limit as they can.

To enhance the strength of the garden fence, it is advisable to install solid posts, such as concrete options, which offer added stability and durability, providing a sturdy foundation that can prevent the fence from being easily compromised. You should install the horizontal bracings of the fence facing towards the house, as they could otherwise be used to climb more easily.

For those who choose a wooden fence, it is important to note that regular maintenance is necessary to retain strength and integrity. This includes treating the wood with appropriate preservatives and carrying out repairs as needed. By properly maintaining a wooden fence, homeowners can ensure its long-term effectiveness as a security barrier.

Can Front Garden Fences Aid Security?

Front garden fences play a role in emphasising security and can act as a visual deterrent. However, it's important to note that their effectiveness in preventing unauthorised access is limited due to the typical maximum height restriction of around 1 metre in the UK. While these fences may not physically prevent someone from accessing your property, they can still serve as a psychological barrier and indicate that security is a priority for your home.

Additional Security Measures For a Home

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In addition to choosing the right fence for security, homeowners can further enhance the protection of their property by incorporating additional security measures, which will work in tandem with the fence to create a robust security system. Here are some key options to consider:

  • Security Cameras: Installing surveillance cameras strategically around the perimeter can act as a deterrent and provide visual evidence in case of any security incidents.
  • Locks and Access Control: Adding secure locks to gates or implementing access control systems, such as keypads or card readers, can restrict entry and ensure that only authorised individuals can access the property.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Well-placed security lights can illuminate the area around the fence, making it less attractive to potential intruders and enhancing visibility during nighttime. Movement-activated lights can also help to dissuade intruders.
  • Securing Belongings: Making sure that your back garden is free of desirable items such as bicycles and furniture can be of further use in making your property unappealing to burglars.

By incorporating these additional security measures, homeowners can significantly improve the overall security of their property, providing peace of mind and deterring potential intruders.

Can a Homeowner Install Spikes on their Fence?

While anti-climb spikes may seem like a tempting security measure to deter intruders, homeowners should exercise caution due to legal considerations and potential risks. The Occupiers' Liability Act places a duty of care on property owners, even towards trespassers. It means that if someone is injured by the spikes, they could potentially sue the property owner. To comply with the law, it is important to provide clear warning signs indicating the presence of spikes. 

Furthermore, using non-injurious alternatives, such as security cameras, motion sensor lights, and secure locks, can be equally effective in enhancing security without the legal and safety concerns associated with spikes.

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