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Installing a fence gravel board is one of the best ways to maximise the lifespan of your garden fence, saving you time and money in the long run. Their primary purpose is to elevate timber fencing off the ground, protecting it from moisture and therefore helping to reduce rot. Browse our wide range of fencing accessories online today, and contact us for help supplying the ideal gravel boards for your project.

What Are Fence Gravel Boards?

Whilst fence gravel boards can be overlooked by some DIY installers, they are an integral part of ensuring that your fence is robust and protected from the elements. Typically made from either timber or concrete, they come in a variety of sizes and slot between fence panels to provide an additional layer of protection between your fence and the ground.

Fence gravel boards are simple to fix as part of the fencing installation process, and can be secured to timber fence posts by nailing cleats at the required level, whilst concrete fence posts allow for gravel boards to be easily slotted in. A professional landscaper will be able to advise on how to fix gravel boards to fence posts securely to ensure the best stability and functionality.

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Is It Essential to Install Fence Gravel Boards?

Many professional fence installers and landscapers will be asked whether gravel boards are essential for fencing, or if they are simply an unnecessary expense. In general, the associated benefits of opting to install fence gravel boards make them an excellent long-term investment:

  • Protection From Rot: Although timber fencing is susceptible to rot over time, fence gravel boards can help to lengthen the lifespan of wooden fencing by acting as a protective layer between your fence panels and the damp ground. This can help to reduce the risk of water damage, as well as protect fencing from further damage from insects such as termites.
  • Added Height: Installing a fence gravel board is a simple way to add height to your fence without needing to replace the panels. This is a brilliant way to enhance privacy around your garden, as well as create a more secure home environment.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Besides offering functional benefits, fence gravel boards can also be used for aesthetic purposes, adding to the finished look of your new fencing. A correctly installed gravel board can make your fence look more professional and cohesive by minimising gaps at the bottom, and installers can choose from timber or concrete to create the desired aesthetic effect.

With such a range of benefits coming from the simple installation of fence gravel boards, they’re a smart way to save yourself the headache of replacing timber fencing so shortly after it’s been installed.

Our Range of Fence Gravel Boards

We supply a diverse range of fence gravel boards, which can typically be delivered in 2 to 3 working days, and can address the needs of landscaping professionals and DIYers alike. Made from either timber or concrete, all of our gravel boards are sourced from premium manufacturers to provide the best longevity and durability, with each material offering unique benefits to the installer.

Timber Fence Gravel Boards

Timber is the most traditional gravel board material, providing a more natural appearance and blending in effectively with wooden fence panels. We supply treated timber fence gravel boards to provide greater protection against rot, helping to preserve your board’s integrity for longer.

Each of the timber gravel boards in our range comes in the standard measurement of 3000mm x 150mm x 22mm but can be cut down to size if required. Depending on the colour of your fence panels, we supply gravel boards in both green and brownto give our customers a choice when matching the colour of their fence.

Concrete Fence Gravel Boards

Concrete is a superior structural material, and is therefore an extremely durable option for fence gravel boards. Although it can be less aesthetically pleasing to the eye, many landscapers opt for concrete to provide added support and avoid the risk of rot associated with timber boards.

Our concrete fence gravel boards are designed to be easy to install, fitting precisely into slotted concrete posts and giving extra structural stability. Depending on your specific requirements, we supply concrete gravel boards in two distinct styles, smooth and recessed.

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    • Provides additional stability to the fence
    • Protects the fence panels
    Price from: £27.82 £33.38

    • Designed to seamlessly fit into concrete slotted posts
    • Protects the fence panels
    Price from: £18.80 £22.56

    • Treated to resist dry rot and preserve timber
    • Prevents direct contact with the ground
    Price from: £7.88 £9.46

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Can fence gravel boards be cut?

Timber fence gravel boards can be easily cut to size using a variety of saws such as a jigsaw or circular saw. Similarly, although cutting concrete fence gravel boards can be more complex, it is possible when using an angle grinder fitted with a diamond disk. A professional can be contracted for assistance to ensure your concrete gravel board is cut correctly.

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