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Providing vital additional storage space for a range of items such as gardening tools, outdoor furniture and small bikes, a small garden shed is a popular home landscaping choice. The right small garden shed can completely elevate your garden whilst leaving enough room for you to enjoy your outdoor space and can be customised to suit your unique garden décor style with a lick of paint or some added greenery.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we supply a huge range of small garden sheds to suit a variety of requirements, supporting both trade and retail customers with their landscaping material needs. Browse our full range online today and get in touch for any specific requests.

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Our Range of Small Garden Sheds

Our small garden shed range contains an extensive selection ideal for a small outdoor space, or even to save space in a larger garden area. All of the small wooden sheds in our range are made from high-grade timber to ensure longevity, as well as being pressure-treated or dip-treated for additional protection. We also have a range of PVC plastic sheds for sale, such as the easy-to-assemble Tuscany PVC Shed, should you prefer a different material.

Whether you only require a small garden shed, or whether you have a little extra space to play with, we supply small sheds measuring from 4ft x 6ft to 10ft x 10ft. Within our comprehensive range, we supply a broad variety of styles to suit your individual needs. Choose from some of our most popular styles, with unique features including:

  • Apex and Pent Roofs: We offer a range of small sheds in apex roof style, such as the Shire Overlap Apex Garden Shed, as well as the more contemporary pent roof style, such as the Shire Shiplap Pent Shed. Choose the style which suits your design taste best, as well as the additional benefits offered such as drainage capabilities, headroom and space-saving.
  • Build Style: Cladding and build style can impact the look and functionality of your garden shed; as such, we offer a range of shed styles from overlap to tongue and groove to suit your needs. Overlap sheds, such as the Shire Value Overlap Shedare easily constructed and provide excellent storage space, whilst shiplap cladding, such as the Shire Shiplap Pent Shed, offers fantastic weather resistance. For the strongest construction, tongue and groove sheds, such as the Shire Tongue and Groove Corner Shed, offer outstanding performance.
  • Windows and Doors: Depending on your available space and the intended usage of your small shed, we offer a range of structures both with and without windows, as well as single or double doors. Additional windows allow extra light in and improve ventilation, such as in the Shire Overlap Apex Garden Shed, which also includes double doors for improved access.
  • Shape: Whilst a traditional shed shape, such as the Shire Shiplap Apex Garden Shed, certainly has its strengths, a corner shed can provide real space-saving benefits for a smaller garden, as well as aesthetic advantages. The Shire Corner Pressure Treated Shed provides excellent usage of space and can fit into trickier garden shapes, utilising corners which might otherwise not be made use of.

The Benefits of a Small Garden Shed

Installing a small garden storage or tool shed is a fantastic way to maximise a smaller garden space and create a sheltered, secure place for your belongings. There are several reasons why small sheds continue to play an important role in modern garden designs and are so popular with homeowners, including:

  • Helpful Storage Space: Owning a small garden shed allows you to clear away items that might otherwise clutter your garden, and enjoy a better-organised outdoor space. If space is already restricted, a shed can be a welcome addition to avoid various belongings being strewn across your lawn.
  • Added Security: Most small sheds are lockable, and some manufacturers even supply specialist high-security metal sheds. This can help to reduce the risk of theft, giving you the peace of mind that your expensive tools or garden furniture are being kept in a secure environment.
  • A Cost-Effective Solution: Opting for a shed rather than a garage or storage unit can often be kinder to your budget, and can even be a long-term investment by adding to the overall value of your home.
  • Weather Protection: The English weather is nothing if not unpredictable, and it can be a real benefit to have a garden shed available when it starts to turn, in addition to providing a reliable shelter for gardening tools and outdoor furniture during the winter months. 

Choose Building Materials Nationwide for Your Small Garden Shed

At Building Materials Nationwide, we put our customers at the centre of everything we do, always going the extra mile to source you the materials you need for building and landscaping jobs. For our trade customers, we offer fantastic benefits when you sign up for a trade account online.

We offer a personalised service through your dedicated account manager, who will be on hand to address your every need, including sourcing supplies which you cannot find on our website. Owing to our excellent relationships with suppliers across the UK, we’ll get you the materials you need as soon as you need them, with same and next-day delivery available.

With 25,000 products online and world-class customer care, sign up for your trade account today and say goodbye to material sourcing stress.

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What size garden shed do I need?

Your required shed size can vary depending on several factors, including its intended use as well as your available space. For example, a 6ft x 4ft shed is perfect for storing small garden tools or outdoor toys, whilst a 10ft x 8ft shed provides extra room for storing larger outdoor furniture or even a small workshop space.

Can a small garden shed be moved?