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Determining exactly when a fence requires replacement can be tricky. There's no definitive timeline since proper maintenance and materials impact lifespan. You may find yourself wondering - does my fence need replacing yet? Should I squeeze another year out of it or take the proactive step of installing a new one?

The experts here at Building Materials Nationwide make upgrading your fence simple, quick, and cost-effective, whether opting for a natural timber or modern composite option. Pay close attention to these 5 key indicators that your existing fence is ready for an upgrade.

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Is It Time For A New Fence?

It's reasonable to start evaluating whether you need a new fence if your existing one is showing signs of wear. Here are some clear indicators that your fence may need replacement soon:

1. Rotting Wood

If you see soft, degraded wood anywhere, especially lower rails and fence posts, rot has likely set in. Rot can quickly spread and requires full replacement. Catching it early minimises how much you'll need to replace.

If you notice rot setting in on your fence, our experts can provide a full replacement with pressure-treated timber panels built to withstand moisture. We also offer composite fencing with rot-resistance guaranteed for years to come.

2. Leaning or Drooping

Posts should stand straight and tall for optimal security and aesthetics. Leaning posts or drooping horizontal rails typically indicate infrastructure issues underneath. You may need new posts anchored better in concrete or soil.

Is a fence leaning perilously or have sagging middle rails? Replace the fence posts with our reinforced composite or pressure-treated timber fence posts for long-lasting stability.

3. Missing Boards/Slats

It's normal for a few fence boards or slats to work loose over time, but if you have large sections missing, it compromises both appearance and privacy. Addressing missing slats often requires replacing the panels.

Our wide range of fence panels and boards can replace missing slats, and with a variety of colours and styles can match your existing fence appearance and dimensions and stop boards from becoming loose over and over again.

4. Rust or Corrosion

Metal fasteners and hardware eventually show wear. Rust spots are important to head off early, as they lead to structural weakness. Significant rust or breakage means hardware replacement and potentially new posts or rails if the defects are extreme.

For rust spots or broken hardware, we have durable and weather-resistant metal fixings. If corrosion is widespread, we can deliver new posts or entire fence panels to prevent future issues.

5. Holes or Cracks

Small cracks and holes can be patched, but large ones spread over time. Cracks at joint intersections or shattered wood typically require replacing boards or entire fence sections.

Small cracks get patched, but significant damage calls for new boards or full panel replacement. Our pressure-treated timber withstands weathering and natural splits better than standard fencing.

Benefits of Proactive Fence Replacement

It's tempting to squeeze every last bit of life out of an ageing fence, but being proactive about replacement comes with advantages. Performing upgrades before total failure or collapse occurs yields several benefits:

Get Ahead of Rapid Deterioration

By acting while your fence still functions, you avoid rapid deterioration that causes widespread issues. A few rotting planks quickly become entire structural failure once moisture permeates everywhere. Staying ahead lets you replace individual components instead of the whole system.

Avoid Costly Emergency Repairs

Many fence companies charge premium rates for rushed emergency repairs when a fence fully collapses. Opting to upgrade proactively means you get quotes for the full job and take the time to choose your preferred materials and contractor, or DIY the repairs yourself at your own pace. The overall price ends up cheaper in most cases.

Boost Home Value

Investing in occasional fence upgrades keeps your home looking its best year after year. For those planning to sell their home soon, enhancing curb appeal with a new, gorgeous fence can add real value and dollars. New fences are one of the most cost-effective upgrades out there.

Enjoy Your Garden

No one wants to stare at a dilapidated, sagging fence long past its useful life. Upgrading before things become an eyesore lets you get back to enjoying your outdoor sanctuary.

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