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Dulux Paint is the UK’s leading paint brand, offering a wide range of quality products for nearly a century. Today they produce paints suitable for interior and exterior uses, bringing with them specific benefits such as stain resistance and washable finishes. 

In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explain the main types of paint within the Dulux range and look through which paints are best suited for common applications in interior walls and ceilings, alongside other areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

The History of Dulux Paint

Formed by the Naylor Brothers in the aftermath of the First World War, Dulux Paints’ name was formed from a combination of the words “Durable” and “Luxury”. 

The first Dulux paint, which was made from a new formulation, was released to the building trade in 1932, with the success of Dulux painted buildings during WW2 in comparison to other rivals helping to build their brand awareness, and further growth occurring during the DIY boom of the 1950s. 

Dulux is a household name, famous for its memorable Old English Sheep Dog mascot. Dulux has responded to market needs and trends in the years since, while still offering timeless colour options like white matt.

The Modern Dulux Paint Range

Today, Dulux offers a range of interior and exterior paint options for sale, each coming in a selection of colours and finishes. Different finishes, such as matt and gloss are used for different applications, offering various levels of sheen, or reflection. They also offer colour matching, selling custom mixed paints to fit certain environments.

Dulux Masonry Paint

Masonry paint is intended for the external walls of a building, suitable for both brickwork and concrete. Dulux produces masonry paint in two types, smooth and textured. Smooth masonry paint will be a little thicker than regular paint but otherwise easy to apply, offering a great look on smooth or uneven surfaces. Textured paint will have a consistent sand-like feel, and can look better on walls that have some cracking, though it will be a little harder to apply and must be cleaned more regularly as it will naturally pick up dirt.

Dulux Easycare Paint

Dulux Easycare paint is an interior emulsion paint that is designed around durability and easy cleaning. There are three options for sale; “Washable and Tough” is intended for standard walls that require more protection, like hallways in busy homes or children's rooms. Alternatively, the Kitchen and Bathroom paints are suited to those rooms, with kitchen options resistant to grease, and bathroom options resistant to moisture. All of these are hand washable to maintain a great look.

Dulux Heritage Paint

Heritage is a luxury paint from Dulux, available in matt or eggshell sheens, with matt intended for walls and eggshell for wood and metal elements. There is a range of colours available, each carefully selected, from pale tones to deeper options. Dulux Heritage paint is intended to be durable and washable, meaning it can be used in busier home environments.

Dulux Wood Paint

Dulux offers a range of paints for interior woodwork and metal surfaces, with different gloss options depending on your needs. When painting wooden elements, using a primer will allow the paint to better adhere, producing a smooth and dependable surface for doors, skirting boards, and furniture.

Dulux Tile Paint

Specially designed to be tough and water resistant, Dulux Tile Paint offers great performance within a shower and can be applied directly without a primer.

Dulux Exterior Paints

Alongside their masonry paint options, Dulux also produces multi-surface exterior paints like their Weathershield range, which can be used for woodwork, metal, and uPVC surfaces, offering weatherproofing and mould resistance, while having the flexibility needed for wood. All Dulux interior paints are emulsions and therefore safe for use, but their exterior paints are solvent-based and will release harmful VOCs during application. This can pose a health risk if they are used internally.

Dulux Paint
Home improvement: Young couple painting wall with paint roller

The Best Dulux Paints For Bathrooms

Opting for a Dulux Easycare Bathroom paint across the walls and ceiling of your bathroom will give excellent protection from moisture, which can cause dampness and mould on surfaces that have been painted with an unsuitable product. This will be available in a selection of low-sheen colours. For tiling, especially within a shower, you should always opt for Dulux Tile paint.

The Best Dulux Paints For Kitchens

Using Dulux Easy Clean Kitchen paint will allow you to choose a great colour that suits your kitchen, with the knowledge that your walls will be protected from oil, grease, and stains. The busiest kitchen environments will benefit from surfaces that can be simply washed clean, maintaining a great colour for many years. When it comes to wooden cabinets in a kitchen, the range of wood and metal paints offered by Dulux are all good choices

The Best Dulux Paints For Walls

Outside of kitchens and bathrooms, the best Dulux paint for your walls will vary depending on your needs and budget. The Easycare range will be a great option for a busy hallway, or for any house where younger family members are likely to stain or damage a wall. For those looking towards the more luxurious end, the attractive Heritage range is designed to create beautiful interiors, whether bedrooms, hallways, or dining rooms.

The Best Dulux Paint for Ceilings

For a traditional white ceiling, Dulux Magic White Matt emulsion is a great choice. This novel paint will apply to your ceiling as pink, ensuring you fully cover the whole surface, before fading to white during the drying process.

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