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When buying paint within the UK you’ll have a massive range of paint brands to choose from, supplying water-based emulsion paint, oil-based paint, acrylic paint and more in a full spectrum of colours and sheens. 

In this overview from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explore the UK paint market, showing the top paint brands available, and answering some popular questions about paint.

The Top Paint Brands in the UK

Within the UK, standard paint brands will offer products suited to a wide range of uses, from interior walls and exterior walls to wood and metal surfaces. Here are some of the most popular brands.

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Dulux has been in business for nearly a century, and is today the biggest paint brand in the UK, offering a range of products. They produce paint specifically designed for durability, masonry paint for outdoor use, and paints designed especially for wood or tiling. These paints come in a full range of colours, with a colour-matching service letting them produce paints to blend with existing surfaces.


Operating for over 130 years, Johnstones Paint also offers a range of standard paints, with interior wall and ceiling paints, exterior wall paints, and other speciality options like metal paint and radiator paint.


Based in Lancashire, Crown Paints offers standard paints alongside an easy-clean range intended for busy or messy environments. They also have a crafted range, offering luxury paints in a narrow range of colours. Crown also owns Sandtex, a quality exterior paint company, and Sadolin, a wood paint range.


Alongside selling popular branded options like Dulux, DIY and trade brands Wicks also produces its branded paints for sale. These cover interior and exterior options from masonry paint to a standard interior emulsion.

Homebase Own Brand

Like Wickes, popular chain Homebase produces its own brand of paint, offering the full range of standard interior and exterior paints, many covered by a multi-year guarantee.

Luxury Paint Brands

Alongside these general options, there are also several luxury paint brands within the UK. These can offer deep and beautiful colour choices, alongside great durability. Opting for a luxury paint brand, sometimes called posh paint, can be a fantastic investment in a home, whether looking to upgrade your hallways, living rooms, or dining areas.


Heritage Paints is a luxury range made by Dulux, launched in 1990. The range consists of 112 specially selected colours in matt or eggshell emulsion options, alongside a standard white undercoat. Each colour is designed to offer an attractive and timeless look within a home.

Farrow and Ball

Farrow and Ball are a luxury paint brand founded nearly 80 years ago in Dorset, producing a range of paints and wallpapers. Their quality paints are famous for their unusual naming system and offer a range of beautiful colour choices. Their range is largely water-based, and customers can also benefit from their colour consultancy scheme, where an expert will suggest complementary paints for your building.

Fired Earth

A luxury paint brand offering paints alongside hand-painted tiles, Fired Earth have been operating for nearly 40 years, offering a curated selection of 120 colours.

Little Greene

Founded 25 years ago, Little Green is a posh paint brand offering both paints and wallpaper. They sell interior and exterior paints, with water-based and oil-based options available. Alongside their range of attractive colours, they also offer a Re: mix range, where unwanted colours are combined into limited-run new paints by their team, which can be a great eco-friendly choice.


What is the Best Affordable Paint Brand?

Leyland Paints matt emulsion paint is considered the best budget option by Home BuildingThis can help rejuvenate white walls and ceilings with a clean, wipeable finish.

What is the Best Interior Paint Brand?

This will vary depending on needs and budget. While popular brands like Dulux offer a range of quality interior paints, with durable options for kitchens and bathrooms, those looking for a higher-end colour could benefit from a luxury paint brand like Farrow and Ball.

What is the Best Bathroom Paint Brand?

Dulux Easycare bathroom paint is recommended by Expert Reviews as the best overall option for bathrooms, with a tough surface and easy application.

What is the Best Quality Paint Brand in the UK?

Buying luxury paint is about finding the perfect colour for you. This could be served by Heritage, Farrow and Ball, or others. Within the regular paint industry, Dulux is respected for its commitment to quality and its range of products.

What is the Best Exterior Paint Brand?

Expert Reviews lists Dulux Weathershield as the best masonry paint for long-lasting performance and great coverage, offering a 15-year guarantee and providing the necessary breathability to let moisture travel through from your walls.

Which Paint Brands Are Pregnancy Safe?

When pregnant, you should avoid any paints that contain VOCs. These will be largely found in exterior paints like masonry paint, which are often solvent-based. While you should always check the label, water-based interior emulsion should be safe for use while pregnant.

Are There Any Vegan Paint Brands?

Whether or not paint brands are suitable for vegans can often be unclear, with ranges like Dulux not currently vegan. This can be due to paint testing, or the presence of animal products as a binder. Some companies offer vegan-friendly lines, like Farrow and Ball, while others like Little Greene are wholly vegan. This information should be offered through their websites.

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