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Brands include Celotex, Kingspan, Rockwool, Recticel, British Gypsum, Gyproc, Isover, Ecotherm, Xtratherm and more.


  • Celotex

    We offer the entire range of Celotex insulation including floor, wall, ceiling, cavity, flat roof, pitched and roof.

  • YBS

    YBS Insulation is a manufacturer of insulation products. They produce the best performing multi-foil products in the market along with cavity closers and foil membranes.

    These products are suitable for floor, wall and roof applications, both for new build and renovations. YBS also produces products for the retail sector for general purpose applications.

    YBS continues to develop new products and improve the efficiency of insulation products.

  • Xtratherm

    Xtratherm Floor Insulation.

  • Warmline

    Warmline offer PIR, EPS & XPS insulation.

  • Thinsulex

    Thinsulex Insulation specialises in difficult-to-insulate buildings. Specialising in loft and roof insulation, their products are used in housing extensions, large social housing projects, historic buildings, barns, swimming pools, libraries, museums, hospitals and schools.

  • Thermal Economics

    Over the past 35 years, Thermal Economics' vast range of innovative and economic products has seen them become the market leaders in the thermal and acoustic insulation fields. Producing more than 1 billion square meters of product and hold more proprietary Robust Details than anyone else. Supplying the biggest house builders in the UK with thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Thermafleece

    Thermafleece is the UK's best performing natural and recycled insulation for traditional and modern construction. They offer a comprehensive range of thermal and acoustic insulation, rich in home-grown natural and recycled fibres. Fifteen years of research and development means they can offer products that uniquely combine natural and recycled fibres at their optimum proportions and density. This ensures all wool, hemp and recycled insulation meets the highest demands of traditional and modern construction. 

    They are proud supporters of British farming and are glad to say that all the wool and hemp used comes only from UK growers and farmers.

    Their insulation can be used in roofs, walls and floors.

    We can supply insulation in many sizes and densities to suit all your performance needs.

  • Rockwool

    Rockwool insulation offers the perfect solution to keeping a warm and cosy homestead as well as reducing energy bills and improving energy efficiency. Rockwool is the largest supplier of stone wool insulation, and we supply this high-quality product at rock bottom prices. Created from volcanic rock over 200 million years old, Rockwool insulation stands the test of time and you can be sure of top performing insulation for years to come.

  • Recticel

    Recticel Floor Wall & Ceiling PIR Insulation.

  • Polystyrene EPS

    Polystyrene EPS Floor Insulation

  • Monarfloor

    Monarfloor Acoustic Systems is well recognised as the market leader for high-performance acoustic overlay flooring systems in the UK.

  • Knauf

    Knauf Insulation is the UK's leading insulation manufacturing company and represents one of the most respected names in European building products.

    Manufactured using ECOSE technology the Glass and Rock mineral wool insulation products are odourless, less dusty, easy to cut and soft to handle.

    Knauf use in excess of 80% recycled glass in the production of their Glass mineral wool products. Knauf slabs both Glass and Rock can be used in a wide variety of building construction applications such as Cavity Wall insulation, Acoustic and Thermal insulation in internal partitions, Acoustic floors and many other uses. Knauf Glass mineral wool is non-combustible and can be used in temperatures up to 230°C. Knauf Rock mineral wool products are also non-combustible but can be used for temperatures up to 850°C. Both Glass and Rock mineral wool products are available in a range of weights and thicknesses depending on the application.

    We stock Knauf Insulation in both slabs and rolls to suit your requirements. They are available in a variety of weights, sizes and thicknesses and are great value for money. Contact us today so that we can supply you with the correct product for your requirement at a very competitive rate.

  • Kingspan

    Kingspan produces a wide range of Insulation to cover any aspect of the building. 

  • JCW

    JCW Acoustic Supplies is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of soundproofing and sound absorption products.

    Whether you’re wanting to eliminate the unwanted noise from next door or you’re in the trade and planning your next commercial project, know that you may have lots of questions to ask and decisions to make when it comes to soundproofing, so why not speak to one of the team who can offer their expert advice.

    We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and the quality of our technical service and with years of experience, the JCW team know how to deal with any situation they encounter.

  • Isover

    Isover insulation is a great choice for cost-effective insulation.

  • Ecotherm

    Ecotherm Floor Insulation.

  • Dupre

    Dupré Minerals manufacture an extensive range of high-quality products, servicing the Vermiculite, Precision Casting, Friction and Refractory industries. Combining over 60 years experience with the latest production technology to formulate and develop innovative products to meet precise specifications. The processing and manufacture of Vermiculite continue to be one of our core business markets.

  • Dow

    Dow offers extruded foamed polystyrene boards perfect for both residential and commercial buildings.

  • British Gypsum

    We have many insulation products from British Gypsum including Thermaline Basic, Plus & Super

  • Karma

    Karma from CMS Danskin offers acoustic solutions for every aspect of buildings.