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Primary Specification

We offer insulation for thermal, fire and acoustic use.


  • Acoustic

    Acoustic insulation can be used for anything from a simple DIY project through to a commercial building.

  • Plumbing

    Our range of pipe insulation and lagging is perfect for increasing the efficiency of home heating systems by preventing energy loss and helping to prevent pipes from freezing over the winter. Choose from a wide variety of diameters and dimensions to fit all your installation needs and shop top industry brands such as Aramcell and NMCt.

    We have options made from industry-standard polyethylene in addition to high-temperature tubing made from EPDM rubber, so you can find what you need to provide year-round protection to your installations.

  • Thermal

    Thermal insulation helps keep the heat in and the cold out while also helping to reduce condensation and mould growth.