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Improve you project with plasterboards for sound, fire, moisture, in thickenss ranging from 9.5mm to 19mm...

Insulated Plasterboard

Plasterboard with foam or polystyrene applied to the back to increase the performance of any installation ...

Plasterboard Accessories

Jointing compounds, tapes, primers, and adhesives anything that is required to install you plasterboard system ...

Metal Stud

Metal Studs allow wall to be produced in varying heights and widths with numerous sound and fire possibilities ...


Fermacell is a premium brand, high performance building material board we offer the full range of boards and accessories...



We offer a wide range of plasterboard products, including the premium Fermacell range and ceiling and wall fixings to suit whatever substrate you're working with. We supply everything you need from plaster adhesives to plaster coving to ensure your walls have an uncompromising structure and a smart finish, all at a smart, compromised price. A seamless finish with a seamless service is what every project needs, we are here to supply you with both.

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