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Procuring high-quality insulation materials at scale can be challenging for major construction firms. As leading suppliers of insulation, we streamline bulk ordering so purchasing managers acquire the right insulation products for their builds.

Quality Cladding Procurement Made Simple for Construction Companies

For construction professionals, finding the perfect cladding can be tricky. With ever-changing regulations and tight project timelines, it's essential to discover efficient and reliable solutions that cater to your specific needs.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we are committed to simplifying your cladding procurement experience. With our extensive range of top-quality cladding products, expert guidance, and streamlined processes through our trade accounts, we make it effortless for you to find the perfect solutions. We save you time and enhance the appearance and durability of your building facades in one.

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    Our Range of Cladding

    We have a wide range of cladding available online, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

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    Composite Cladding Boards

    These boards provide both aesthetics and durability. Made from recycled wood and plastic, they offer low-maintenance and weather-resistant properties, saving you time and money on upkeep. This product also comes in a realistic woodgrain style that does not require painting, staining, treating, or sealing, giving you the visual appeal of real wood without the hassle.

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    Wall Trims

    We offer a range of 3000mm wall cladding trim products including:

    • Connection Profile Trims that allow for easy installation and seamless transitions between boards.
    • Internal Corner Profiles that provide a clean finish for inside corners.
    • Symmetric External Corner Trims that enhance durability on outside corners.
    • Start Profiles that provide extra strength to start rows cleanly and securely.
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    Exterior Wall Cladding

    This long-lasting product is chemically bonded to provide resistance to the elements, rot, and insects, ensuring your project maintains its integrity and appearance over time. It has a wood-like aesthetic and is low-maintenance and UV/fade resistant, making it ideal for wall cladding that requires minimal upkeep.

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    External Corner Window Trims

    This rust and corrosion-resistant product is designed to protect the corners of your clients' windows and doors while also allowing you to easily install cladding boards around them seamlessly. Their aluminium build and sleek design provide an aesthetic finish that complements your overall project.

    Cladding Stock

    The Challenges of Cladding Procurement

    Cladding plays a vital role in both the aesthetics and performance of a building. However, the procurement process can present various hurdles:

    • Complex Selection Process: With a plethora of cladding options available, choosing the right one that suits your project's requirements can be challenging.
    • Adhering to Standards: Navigating through ever-changing building codes and regulations to ensure compliance can be daunting and time-consuming.
    • Budget Management: Striking the right balance between performance and affordability while managing fluctuating costs of cladding materials is crucial.
    • Timely Availability: High demand and supply chain disruptions may lead to stock shortages, delaying your construction timelines.

    Our streamlined logistics ensure you can always access the cladding materials you need. Explore our range of cladding products to find the perfect solutions that meet your project requirements and overcome these challenges with ease

    Using Our Dedicated Account Managers

    Managing multiple suppliers for cladding materials can be time-consuming and inefficient. That's why we offer tailored trade accounts with the following benefits:

    • Simplified Procurement: We'll meet all your cladding needs through one supplier, saving you time and effort.
    • Wide Product Range: Access to an extensive selection of high-quality cladding materials to suit your project specifications.
    • Compliance Assistance: Expert guidance to navigate evolving standards and regulations seamlessly.
    • Cost-Effective Solutions: You'll benefit from competitive pricing thanks to our purchasing power, helping you stay within budget.
    • Fast and Reliable Delivery: Large UK inventories and streamlined logistics ensure timely delivery to your project site.
    • Dedicated Support: Personalised assistance from our representatives to address your queries and provide expert advice.
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    Why Choose Us For Your Construction Requirements

    Personalised Expertise

    Personalised Expertise

    With your own experienced Trade Account Manager, receive customised guidance on achieving your project visions with the right timber products. We handle the legwork of identifying, sourcing, and delivering the ideal materials for you.

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    Access to Premium Timber

    Access to Premium Cladding

    Browse our extensive catalogue of over 45,000 products featuring premium cladding from leading global suppliers. Can't find a speciality product? Your Trade Account Manager utilises their connections to procure it for you.

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    Flexible Credit and Delivery

    Flexible Credit and Delivery

    Forget cash payments and logistics headaches. Our trade credit accounts offer flexible financing so you can efficiently procure the timber you need. We also provide rapid delivery options to keep your schedule on track.

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