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We work with construction companies to provide the insulation they need in bulk, with quick delivery and cost-effective pricing.

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Procuring high-quality insulation materials at scale can be challenging for major construction firms. As leading suppliers of insulation, we streamline bulk ordering so purchasing managers acquire the right insulation products for their builds.

Streamlined Insulation Procurement

Our extensive manufacturer relationships provide access to top insulation products like fiberglass batts, rigid boards, and spray foams at the volume required. Whether it’s thermal, acoustic, or fire-rated insulation, we can deliver the ideal materials to meet your specification. With rapid quotes, dedicated account reps, and seamless fulfillment, we make big insulation orders simple. Partner with us and ensure efficient insulation across all your high-volume projects.

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    Our Range of Insulation For Sale

    We have a wide range of insulation for sale, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

    1. Price from: £31.37 £37.64
    2. Price from: £2,494.29 £2,993.15
    3. Contact Us For Delivery Times

      • Thermal Conductivity 0.032 W/mK.
      • BBA Certified
      Price from: £51.01 £61.21
    4. Contact Us For Delivery Times

      • Thermal Conductivity 0.034 W/mK.
      • BBA Certified
      Price from: £63.16 £75.79

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    Thermal Floor Insulation

    Our range of insulation boards, slabs, and rolls can help seal gaps and prevent heat loss through the ground-level floor of a property, offering tremendous energy savings whilst helping the environment.

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    Thermal Loft Insulation

    We sell a range of loft insulation rolls and slabs from leading brands like Knauf, Thermafleece, Rockwool, and Isover.

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    Thermal Roof Insulation

    Our range of products can be used in both new build properties, and as part of a property refurbishment. While our range of slabs and rolls fit between the joists of a roof, we also stock boards specifically suited to flat roof insulation.

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    External Wall Thermal Insulation

    We stock boards from industry-leading brands like Kingspan and Rockwool. External wall insulation is important for reducing condensation, dampness, and heat loss, offering lower energy bills for both homeowners and businesses.

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    Cavity Wall Thermal Insulation

    We sell a range of batts, boards, rolls, and slabs perfect for whatever cavity wall insulation needs you may have. Whether you are looking to insulate a new build or renovate an existing property, our range of cavity wall insulation will offer the perfect option for your project.

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    Thermal Wall Insulation

    We have a range of internal wall insulation boards for sale that will work excellently as internal wall insulation. Our branded insulation boards can be cut to size to fit within timber frame internal walls.

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    Thermal Ceiling Insulation

    There is a range of thermal ceiling insulation options on our website featuring a selection of branded boards and slabs. We also have a range of accessories for ceiling insulation, offering fire protection within ceilings.

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    Thermal Pipe Insulation

    Pipe insulation can be easily fitted either during the building process or as part of a refurbishment. We sell a range of quality branded pipe insulation products, perfect for all of your thermal insulation needs.

    Ensure Energy Compliance with Top Rated Insulation

    As regulations tighten and energy costs rise, ensuring your construction projects meet thermal performance standards has become vital. However, achieving this goal is no easy task, as finding the right insulation solutions to suit your needs can take considerable time, as well as a toll on your budget. Whether you're retrofitting older buildings or working on new developments, the difference an experienced insulation provider can make is undeniable.

    At Building Materials Nationwide, we take great pride in being a top choice for construction professionals. By opening a tailored account with us, you gain access to an unmatched range of high-performance insulation products, making procurement a breeze. Our extensive selection ensures that you can find the perfect insulation solutions to meet your specific project requirements.

    Our team is committed to providing you with top-notch products and excellent service, helping you develop energy-efficient and sustainable buildings with ease.

    Insulation at Building Materials Nationwide
    Insulation Board vs Insulation Roll

    Overcome Insulation Material Procurement Challenges

    Insulating your construction projects effectively requires overcoming several hurdles related to procurement, including navigating through the constantly evolving building codes and regulations that make compliance a complex task.

    Another obstacle is budget management, as the fluctuating costs of insulation materials can pose difficulties in striking the right balance between performance and affordability. Moreover, the industry's high demand and supply chain disruptions can result in stock shortages, making it challenging to obtain the necessary insulation materials on time.

    With our support, you can navigate the changing regulations effortlessly, ensure cost-effective solutions without compromising performance, and have timely access to the high-quality insulation materials needed for your projects.

    Trade Accounts at Building Materials Nationwide 

    Rather than waste time piecing together insulation from various vendors, we provide a one-stop solution. Our tailored trade accounts give you:

    • Single Source Convenience – All your insulation needs met through one supplier.
    • Robust Product Range – Extensive selection of high-performance insulation materials.
    • Compliance Assistance – Guidance from experts to navigate evolving standards.
    • Cost Controls – Competitive pricing enabled by our purchasing power.
    • Rapid Delivery – Large UK inventories and streamlined logistics.
    • Account Management – Personal support from dedicated representatives.
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    Why Choose Us For Your Construction Requirements

    Personalised Expertise

    With your own experienced Trade Account Manager, receive customised guidance on achieving your project visions with the right timber products. We handle the legwork of identifying, sourcing, and delivering the ideal materials for you.

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    Access to Premium Products

    Browse our extensive catalogue of over 45,000 products featuring premium products from leading global suppliers. Can't find a speciality product? Your Trade Account Manager utilises their connections to procure it for you.

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    Flexible Credit and Delivery

    Forget cash payments and logistics headaches. Our trade credit accounts offer flexible financing so you can efficiently procure the timber you need. We also provide rapid delivery options to keep your schedule on track.

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