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We Tailor Solutions to Your Unique Project Needs

Estimating the correct quantity of plasterboard adhesive for your construction projects can be challenging. At Building Materials Nationwide, our expert team is here to offer tailored guidance, ensuring you choose the ideal adhesive in the correct amounts for all your plasterboard projects. 

Whether you're engaged in high-profile developments or large renovations, our dedicated team is here to provide expert guidance to help make your projects successful. Establish a partnership with us today that embodies mutual growth, efficiency, and success in the world of construction materials.

Professional Estimates For Plasterboard Adhesive

Inaccurately estimating the required amount of adhesive for plasterboard applications can lead to potential setbacks in project timelines and unexpected expenses. Choosing the wrong adhesive for plasterboard or miscalculating quantities can compromise the structural integrity of installations. 

At Building Materials Nationwide, we are dedicated to providing a solution that addresses these concerns head-on. With decades of experience in the building industry, our team is equipped with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in adhesive applications. 

We take the time to understand your project's unique requirements, allowing us to recommend products that align perfectly with your needs. No matter the size or complexity of your project, we're here to offer insights, answer your questions, and provide guidance that makes a difference.

Our specialists don't just provide recommendations; they offer a collaborative partnership aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of your construction endeavours. When you choose us, you're not only getting access to top-notch adhesive products, but you're also gaining a team of professionals dedicated to your success. 

Access a Range of Bonding Essentials

If you have a wall-plastering project on your horizon, the right plasterboard accessories can make all the difference in the quality of your work, resulting in walls that exude both visual excellence and enduring strength.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we present a comprehensive range of plasterboard adhesives designed for endurance. Sourcing from trusted brands like British Gypsum, Knauf, and Siniat, we have a commitment to quality that ensures your projects benefit from top-tier materials. 

Alongside essential adhesive products, we have numerous other accessories available, including plaster coving, and plasterboard fixings and tools. Should you have specific requirements in mind, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We're dedicated to extending our support, ensuring your projects achieve their full potential.

Professional Grade Plasterboard Adhesives Delivered to You

We have a wide range of Plasterboard Adhesives sold through our website, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

  1. £50.21 £60.25
  2. GTEC E-Coat 25kg (200/125/507)

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    • Easy to apply
    • Uniform single coat
  3. Regular Price £13.13 Special Price £10.30 £12.36
  4. Regular Price £11.60 Special Price £10.95 £13.14

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Standouts from our Plasterboard Adhesive Range

  • GTEC Cove Adhesive in 5kg and 12.5kg - A gypsum-based adhesive with a 40-minute setting time for fast fixing of the cove. It is easy to mix and has excellent adhesion to plasterboard surfaces. 
  • GTEC Universal Bonding Compound - Gypsum-based compound for direct bonding plasterboard to walls or bonding GTEC Shallow Wall Channels to masonry and concrete block. 
  • GTEC Wall Lining Adhesive - Non-gypsum contact adhesive for bonding plasterboard to tiles or bonding flooring to plasterboard in some flooring systems. It is high strength, quick drying and ready-mixed. 
  • EvoStik Gripfill Evostick High Grip Adhesive - A solvent-borne, filled rubber resin adhesive, developed to bond virtually any rigid materials together. Gripfill is a high-strength, one-part, gap-filling adhesive specially formulated to bond a large variety of materials.
  • Gyproc Dri-wall Adhesive - A functional, waterproof adhesive that has been designed for use with DriLyner systems with high, medium or low suction backgrounds which makes it a very versatile product.
  • Thistlebond-It 10 Litre Tub - A plaster bonding agent that can be applied either with a brush or a roller. It is made up of fine aggregates for better chemical adhesion and only requires one coat.
  • Knauf Drywall Plasterboard Adhesive - A multi-purpose gypsum-based adhesive for use with Knauf metal furring channel direct bonding of Knauf plasterboards and thermal laminates.

Benefits of Our Expert Guidance

Choosing the right plasterboard adhesive is more than just a matter of preference, it's a strategic decision that can impact your project's efficiency, durability, and overall success. 

By seeking expert guidance from Building Materials Nationwide, you gain access to a range of benefits that go beyond the materials we sell.

  • Time Savings: Our expert advice ensures you get it right the first time. No more trial and error – we help you make informed decisions swiftly, saving you valuable time in the process.
  • Ready-Mixed Convenience: Our ready-mixed plasterboard adhesive options, including foam adhesives, offer hassle-free application and consistent quality, elevating the efficiency of your projects.
  • Cost Efficiency: Accurate calculations mean no wastage. By using the optimal amount of adhesive, you save on material costs and minimise project-related expenses.
  • Professionalism: Trusting our expert advice enhances the professionalism of your projects. Clients and partners will recognise the commitment you put into every detail.
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