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At Building Materials Nationwide, you gain access to an extensive range of adhesives so you can make informed and cost-effective choices that align with your projects.

Find the Right Products with Our Tailored Plasterboard Adhesive Guidance

Navigating the range of construction adhesives, including mastic, construction adhesive, and foam tape options, can often be bewildering. Especially since the process of selecting the right product for your specific needs is a critical factor in ensuring success.

At Building Materials Nationwide, our seasoned team are dedicated to guiding you through this complexity, helping you make informed choices that align precisely with the demands of your project.

Whether you're immersed in ambitious developments or extensive renovations, our experts are poised to provide recommendations that are not only cost-effective but also tailored to your unique circumstances.

We Understand Your Construction Project's Unique Needs

Every construction project has its own set of requirements when it comes to adhesives. The substrate, application method, cure time, temperature resistance and other factors play a role in selecting the right product.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we take the time to understand the intricacies of your specific project so we can recommend the proper adhesive solution. We'll consider details like:

  • The materials being bonded - plasterboard, concrete, wood, tiles, etc.
  • If flexibility is needed in the bond
  • Environmental conditions like temperature and humidity
  • Size of the project and timeframe
  • Whether waterproofing is necessary
  • Budget and cost considerations

With your project details in mind, we can suggest the right formulations, brands, and quantities of construction adhesives.

Our Range of Plasterboard Adhesives

We have a wide range of Plasterboard Adhesives for sale, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

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Our Range of Quality Plasterboard Adhesives

At Building Materials Nationwide, we present a comprehensive range of plasterboard adhesives designed for endurance. Sourcing from trusted brands like Siniat, British Gypsum, and Knauf, we have a commitment to quality that ensures your projects benefit from top-tier materials. Our range includes:

GTEC Cove Adhesive:

  • Available in 5kg and 12.5kg sizes, this gypsum-based adhesive offers a swift 40-minute setting time, ideal for quickly securing cove mouldings.
  • Easy to mix and exhibits excellent adhesion properties when applied to plasterboard surfaces.
  • Consider exploring the alternative quick-drying and non-toxic, Gyproc Cove adhesive, for similar applications.

GTEC Universal Bonding Compound:

  • A gypsum-based compound designed for directly bonding plasterboard to walls or attaching GTEC shallow wall channels to masonry and concrete block substrates.

GTEC Wall Lining Adhesive:

  • This non-gypsum contact adhesive excels in bonding plasterboard to tiles.
  • Known for its high strength, quick-drying nature, and ready-mixed consistency, it ensures efficient project completion.

Gyproc Promix Lite Joint Cement and Gyproc Readymix Joint Cement:

  • Streamline your project with these ready-mixed joint cement, eliminating the need for time-consuming mixing.
  • Both options are user-friendly, coming straight from the tub, saving you valuable time and effort.

Thistlebond-It 10 Litre Tub:

  • A versatile plaster bonding agent that can be applied with ease by using either a brush or roller.
  • Formulated with fine aggregates to enhance chemical adhesion, requiring only a single coat for effectiveness.

Gyproc Dri-wall Adhesive:

  • Engineered as a functional and waterproof adhesive, it's tailored for use with DriLyner systems across surfaces with varying levels of suction.
  • Can contribute to a 50% reduction in the use of fasteners within a project.

Benefits of Our Expert Guidance

By taking the time to specify the ideal adhesive for your particular project, you'll avoid missteps that can lead to problems down the road. The benefits include:

  • Time Savings: Getting it right the first time with our spot-on recommendations avoids costly rework that causes delays. 
  • Convenience: We offer ready-mixed options that simplify and speed up application.
  • Cost Efficiency: Precise adhesive calculations prevent wasteful overbuying and drive savings.
  • Risk Reduction: We help you specify proven adhesive solutions to avoid bond failures.
  • Reputation Building: Enhance your professional reputation through properly executed projects
  • Peace of Mind: You can have confidence knowing your adhesives were expertly selected for success, without the stress of potential rework from bond failures or improperly prepped surfaces

By partnering with us for your adhesive needs, you leverage decades of experience for your benefit. Contact us today to get expert guidance tailored to your next construction project.

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