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With decades of experience managing construction inventories, we offer the insights you need to keep your projects moving forward on schedule.

Avoid Plasterboard Shortages and Stay on Track

Plasterboard shortages have the potential to bring construction projects to an abrupt standstill, causing delays, increased costs, and frustration. When you enlist the support of our proficient building material procurement specialists, you gain a powerful ally in avoiding the pitfalls of supply disruptions. 

Leveraging long-standing relationships across a wide network of suppliers, we have the availability to source various brands to meet your needs. Our collaborative approach provides visibility into stock and lead times so you can proactively head off shortfalls. 

Contact us today to start securing the plasterboard that your upcoming builds demand. With us as your availability experts, you can steer clear of frustrating delays and keep your schedules on track.

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Providing Solutions for Every Project

Plasterboard shortages and supply chain issues can put immense strain on construction teams. It's incredibly frustrating when factors out of your control delay important projects and prevent you from doing your best work. 

That's why we provide specialised guidance to ensure you secure enough plasterboard supply to meet project demands. With decades of procurement experience and a vast supplier network, we can check availability across brands and propose alternatives to avoid stockouts.

We take a tailored approach to plasterboard availability, considering the unique needs of each project. Factors we review include:

  • Type of plasterboard required - moisture resistant, fire rated, acoustic, etc. This impacts available options
  • Quantity of boards needed based on project size and scope
  • Production timeline and project deadlines that dictate supply requirements
  • Budget constraints and preferences that guide brand/supplier recommendations
  • Specific size or thickness boards needed to match designs
  • If speciality boards are required that may have limited availability

With a comprehensive understanding of your specific project requirements, we can explore availability across our extensive supplier network and propose alternatives if preferred boards are out of stock.

Explore Our Range

We have a wide range of Plasterboards to buy through our website, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

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    • Maximises available floor space
    • Use with GTEC Acoustic Homespan
    £32.63 £39.16
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    • High impact resistance
    • Moisture resistant
    £29.31 £35.17
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    • Texture Finish
    • Strong Stable Base
    £98.03 £117.64
  4. £6.75 £8.10

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Our Extensive Plasterboard Selection

Our selection includes diverse plasterboard options to suit any project need. If noise cancellation is a priority, we offer high-density boards for superior sound absorption. For humid areas like bathrooms and basements, our moisture-resistant boards provide extra protection. With a vast range of sizes readily available, you can find the ideal fit and functionality for your specific application. 

  • Soundproof Plasterboard - The soundproof plasterboards we supply comply fully with BS EN520 and can be used to insulate both walls and ceilings. 
  • Dense Plasterboard - As a denser alternative to your industry standard, these boards contain additional glass fibre particles as well as thicker paper coverings, perfect for areas that require more durable materials with good longevity.
  • External Plasterboard - We supply a range of external plasterboard, laced with a water repellent for water and mould protection of the highest calibre.
  • Fire Resistant Plasterboard - Our fire-rated plasterboard sheets come in widths of either 12.5mm or 15mm and are available in tapered edge or square edge styles. Ideal for walls and partitioning where a more robust barricade with fire protection is required.
  • Moisture Resistant Plasterboard - These moisture-resistant plasterboards contain additives sheathed within the core of the board that repel water vapour, minimising the risk of damage in damp environments.
  • Standard Plasterboard - Within our standard plasterboard options, our square edge plasterboard is commonly used for plastering, whereas tapered edge plasterboard is ideal for dry-lining projects. 
  • Vapour Resistant Plasterboard- This material's impermeability to moisture makes vapour-resistant drywall the ideal material for keeping your property dry. We sell a range of vapour-resistant plasterboard all of which are easy to use for both walls and ceilings. 
  • Insulated Plasterboard - We offer a wide selection of high-quality insulated plasterboard that combines plasterboard with a layer of insulation, providing both structural and thermal benefits in a single product.
  • Plasterboard Fermacell - We are one of few Fermacell power panel stockists in the UK, and provide a wide range of varying dimensions and sizes. We also have plenty of Fermacell accessories to help you with your project, such as screws and joint filler.

The Benefits of Plasterboard Availability

Taking proactive steps to ensure adequate plasterboard supply for your projects provides important advantages:

  • Avoid Costly Delays - Stockouts can grind progress to a halt. Proper availability keeps builds moving.
  • Prevent Budget Overruns - Shortages often mean paying premium prices for urgent stock. Planning ahead provides cost control.
  • Efficient Scheduling - Accurate lead times allow for effective production planning and scheduling.
  • Avoid Substitutions - We can source the specific boards your designs require.
  • Professional Reputation - Demonstrate reliability by finishing projects on time with proper planning.

By partnering with us for availability insights, we can help your projects proceed smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

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