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Trust Building Materials Nationwide as your partner in securing your plasterboard installations with unmatched precision.

Accurately Calculate and Procure Plasterboard Fixings for Your Next Construction Project

Calculating the necessary quantity of plasterboard fixings is a crucial aspect of any construction project. An inaccurate estimate can lead to unnecessary delays and expenses. Building Materials Nationwide simplifies this process, offering expert guidance to ensure you procure the correct number of fixings.

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, our selection of plasterboard fixings guarantees accuracy, reliability, and peace of mind. Speak to our team today for further assistance or information.

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Precise Plasterboard Fixings

In the realm of construction, precision matters. It's not just about selecting the right plasterboard fixings but also ensuring you have precisely the quantity required. Plasterboards serve various purposes, from creating partitions with metal studs to attaching directly to robust materials like brick, concrete, or stone. However, overestimating or underestimating the number of fixings can have costly consequences, making informed decisions paramount.

With our expert guidance, you can optimise your project's efficiency and cost-effectiveness by procuring the right quantity of plasterboard fixings. Avoid unnecessary expenses and delays by making precise choices with Building Materials Nationwide. Trust us to provide the support you need for a successful construction project.

Our Full Plasterboard Fixing Range

Our extensive range of plasterboard fixings is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of installation requirements. Whether you’re working on a small-scale DIY project or a large construction endeavour, our diverse selection ensures you find the perfect fixing for your specific needs.

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We Can Source All Types of Fixings for Plasterboard Projects

  • Masonry Nails: These robust nails are your go-to solution when attaching plasterboard to solid materials like brick, concrete or stone. Their durability ensures a secure grip that stands the test of time.
  • Plugs: Plugs are essential when you need to anchor plasterboard to hollow or cavity walls. They provide the stability and support required to ensure your plasterboard remains securely in place.
  • Hammerfix Screws: For versatile fixings that can adapt to various materials, these self-drill screws are known for their durability and reliability, making them superior to standard screws.
  • Size Options: Our plasterboard fixings range in length from 5 mm to 120 mm, ensuring that you have the right length for your application. Whether you’re working on a delicate installation or require extra depth for a more robust structure, our selection has you covered.
  • Thickness Variation: The thickness of our fixings spans from 2.5 mm to 7 mm, allowing you to choose the appropriate thickness for your plasterboard. This ensures a secure and snug fit, eliminating any concerns about the structural integrity of your installations.
  • Trusted Manufacturers: We take pride in sourcing our plasterboard fixings from renowned manufacturers like British Gypsum and Siniat. These trusted brands are synonymous with quality and reliability in the construction industry. When you choose fixings from our manufacturers, you’re choosing products that have been tried and tested for their performance and durability.

Bulk Procurement for Your Convenience

In construction, quantity often matters as much as quality. To cater to your needs, we offer the convenience of procuring plasterboard fixings in bulk quantities. Whether you're overseeing a large-scale commercial project or need to stock up for multiple jobs, we've got you covered.

Our bulk purchasing options ensure that you not only have an ample supply of high-quality plasterboard fixings but also benefit from cost savings. By buying in larger quantities, you can reduce your project-related expenses while ensuring you have the fixings readily available when needed.

Building Materials Nationwide is your reliable partner for procuring plasterboard fixings in quantities that match your project's requirements. We're committed to delivering top-notch products and solutions that cater to the unique demands of your construction endeavours.

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When it comes to plasterboard fixings, quantity and quality are paramount. Make no compromises and trust Building Materials Nationwide for the finest selection and expert guidance. We’re here to ensure your projects stand strong and secure.

If you’re concerned about selecting the perfect plasterboard fixings for your project, contact our knowledgeable team for personalised recommendations and explore our comprehensive range. Don’t leave your procurement to chance and get in touch at 01628 249 330 or send us an email at for confidence in your construction.

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