Expert Quantity Analysis for Plasterboard Screws

Building Materials offers construction companies a complimentary plasterboard screw estimating service. Your team can clearly visualise upcoming projects having all required screws on hand when needed without worrying about coming up short. We've already helped contractors across the UK optimise costs while preventing shortages. Open a trade account now to streamline accurate screw volumes for your next build.

Why Screw Estimating Matters

Without precise screw quantity plans, it's all too easy to incorrectly forecast how many you'll need across dozens of rooms. Suddenly you're short on supplies right when crews are ready to board and fasten. This forces purchasing managers into rush deliveries with markups while entire teams sit idle. Alternately, erroneously large bulk screw orders tie up cash while also risking quality degradation in long-term storage.

How We Determine Your Exact Screw Requirements

Leveraging decades of plasterboard screw supply data from construction projects nationwide, Building Materials has experience precisely estimating required quantities tailored to your specific builds.

As a general rule, industry standards call for a screw to be placed every 30-45cm across wall studs themselves spaced 40cm apart. However, directly applying this to an entire building's worth of wall space does not account for all variables. Our construction professionals carefully factor the following into our proprietary per-project screw quantity analysis:

  • Total wall areas and room counts
  • Single vs double-layer drywall configurations
  • Wall heights for multi-story calculations
  • Standard wood vs steel stud framing factors
  • Ceiling boarding needs
  • Contingency buffers to prevent shortages

With your project designs and plans as a guide, our team can help you break down exact plasterboard screw requirements area by area.

Unmatched Plasterboard Screw Supply

With quantities estimated for your projects, Building Materials fulfils screw supply by leveraging our huge catalogue of fasteners. Our nationwide logistics network ensures you have precisely what you need on-site when crews require them.

Featured Products

Constructed from hardened steel for strength, our Drywall Screws + Bit are available in lengths from 25mm to 70mm to suit single or double-layer installations on wood or metal framing. The sharp ends penetrate easily while 1000-count boxes keep crews well stocked.

We also carry an advanced Self Drill Drywall Screw compatible with thicker structural materials thanks to its screw end tip.

Purpose-built for use with Siniat’s GTEC acoustic flooring system, our fine-threaded GTEC Self Tapping Screws feature a Phillips head design constructed of carbon steel with a zinc coating for corrosion resistance.

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Quantity Discounts

As industry leaders, we use our immense manufacturer leverage to lower costs far below retail rates for big construction clients. We aim to always be cost-competitive, organising massive orders through our account managers. When the pennies count, we’re the partner you need across all of your product and material sourcing.

Fast, Reliable Nationwide Delivery

At Building Materials, we utilise our years of supply expertise to ship plasterboard screws promptly nationwide. Simply inform your dedicated account manager when projects require deliveries. We coordinate logistics to help projects stay on schedule.

Wide Range of Plasterboard Screws Products Available

We have a wide range of Plasterboard Screws available online, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!


    • Various lengths available
    • FREE Pozi Bit
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Get Correct Screw Quantities Delivered On-Budget

Inaccurate screw estimates cause budget problems across many projects. Building Materials mitigates this by handling your entire plasterboard screws supply chain - starting with expert quantity forecasting to prevent shortages or wasteful over-ordering. Then our unrivalled nationwide delivery team transports ideal volumes of high-grade screws to your workforce precisely when required.

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