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At Building Materials Nationwide, we provide the highest calibre plasterboard screws to ensure robust plasterboard installation on any construction project.

Ensure Secure Installation With High-Quality Plasterboard Screws

Do you ever worry that your construction projects may suffer from loose plasterboard or stripped screw heads? Proper installation is essential to quality results for your clients, and it all begins with the right plasterboard screws. With our nationwide supply chain and distribution capabilities, you can trust us to deliver the screws you need, when you need them.

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Poor Installation Leads to Weaker Stability

Achieving proper plasterboard installation is a common pain point due to issues that inferior screws present. One such issue is stripped screw heads, which occur when the screw's head grooves shear off. This results in a significantly weakened hold and stability for the plasterboard. The plasterboard is then at risk of detaching from the wall completely.

Another common issue is loose, popping screws that have not grabbed the plasterboard firmly. These loose screws will eventually cause cracks, voids, and damage in the plasterboard from the movement and vibration. This not only impacts aesthetics but also the integrity of the wall or ceiling.

Finally, inferior screws that are low quality or have the wrong specifications will be unable to withstand the load and vibration that plasterboard ceilings and walls undergo daily. The plasterboard needs robust, high-tension screws that can provide lasting stability without pullout failure.

Within construction projects large and small, leaving shoddy work will often require costly repairs or replacement, and damage the reputation of your business. It’s crucial to get a strong, lasting installation the first time.

Concerns Solved with Exceptional Screws

Our plasterboard screws are engineered to prevent these problems through optimised design. Sharp, self-drilling tips effortlessly penetrate the plasterboard while course threads grip firmly without stripping. We offer an extensive range of sizes and types to suit any application. When you use our plasterboard screws on your projects, you can have complete confidence in robust and lasting results.

How to Ensure Proper Installation

Improper plasterboard installation can lead to a range of issues from minor flaws to major structural problems. Follow these best practices using our screws to avoid installation mishaps:

  • Use the Right Screw Type - Select plasterboard screws based on your wall frame material (timber vs metal) and board thickness. Our experts can advise the best options.
  • Follow Recommended Screw Patterns - Adhere to spacing guidelines for screw placement rather than screwing randomly. Typical spacing is 12 to 16 inches apart.
  • Drill Pilot Holes - Drilling small pilot holes prevents cracking and screw snapping, especially with denser boards.
  • Set Proper Screw Depth - Screws should sink below the surface but not puncture the back of the board. Adjust your drill depth accordingly.
  • Avoid Over-Tightening - Tighten screws until snug and flush with the board rather than aggressively over-cranking. Let the threads do the work.
  • Take Your Time - Rushing leads to cracked boards, cross-threaded screws, and improper alignment. Take care during installation.
  • Inspect Your Work - Look for protruding or stripped screw heads, cracks around screws, and any loosening. Catch issues early.

With the right plasterboard screws and proper technique, you can execute professional, seamless installations every time. Our team is here to provide product recommendations and technical guidance for you and your team.

Wide Range of Plasterboard Screws Available

We have a wide range of Plasterboard Screws online, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

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Our Extensive Plasterboard Screw Inventory

At Building Materials Nationwide, we offer a truly expansive inventory of plasterboard screws available to UK construction professionals.
Within our vast stock, you'll find speciality screws like Rawlplug's metal self-drill screws for heavy-duty loads. We offer an array of Gripit's durable and reusable plasterboard fixings for versatile applications. And we can source large quantities of Plasplugs' multi-thread screws engineered for superior holding power.

Beyond branded screws, we have a huge selection of alternates across every size, length, thread pitch, and head style. Whether you need short 25mm screws for timber frame walls or long 70mm sizes for thick ceiling boards, we've got you covered. And if a custom screw is required, our network of suppliers gives us the ability to procure or produce speciality runs.

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Partner With Us for More Installation Advantages

Our expansive resources and capabilities ensure you have the right screws at the right time to maintain your project momentum.

Streamlined Supply Chain

  • No more coordinating multiple suppliers and vendors
  • One-call access to every screw and board you need
  • Hassle-free integrated service for all plasterboarding needs

Cost Savings

  • Volume pricing discounts on bulk screw orders
  • Consolidated delivery rates on combined orders
  • Reduce overhead by outsourcing supply management

Responsive Service

  • Direct contact with your dedicated account manager
  • Fast answers and quotes via phone, email, text

Proactive Planning

  • Assistance forecasting demand and optimising stock
  • Recommendations for new and improved products
  • Ongoing training on best practices and techniques
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Say Goodbye to Loose Screws

With our comprehensive range of plasterboard solutions, your projects can reach new heights of quality, efficiency and profitability. Don't settle for stripped screws and cracked boards that jeopardise your reputation. Partner with the team at Building Materials Nationwide today to experience the difference superior screws make.

Contact us now to discuss your plasterboard needs, get expert recommendations, and take advantage of volume discounts. Together we will streamline your supply chain for seamless end-to-end plasterboarding. Call 01628 279 060 or complete our online form to get started on your next project the right way.

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