Soundproof Plasterboard Procurement

Building Materials Nationwide guides you through the intricacies of working with soundproof plasterboard, ensuring precise cuts for functional and aesthetic perfection

Master the Art of Cutting Openings in Soundproof Plasterboard

Soundproof plasterboard offers a unique set of benefits, from noise reduction to enhanced privacy, making it a popular choice in modern construction. However, when it comes to cutting irregular openings for elements like electrical outlets or ventilation systems, the task can be tricky. Any error in cutting can compromise not only the board's structure but also its soundproofing capabilities.

At Building Materials Nationwide, our aim is to provide you with the expertise and quality materials you need to achieve flawless results, ensuring that your professional projects involving soundproof plasterboards achieve both their functional and aesthetic purposes.

Why Ineffective Cutting and Sealing Hurts Your Budget

Mistakes in cutting and sealing soundproof plasterboard can have ramifications that extend beyond mere aesthetics. An imprecise cut could lead to gaps that compromise the material's soundproofing effectiveness, allowing noise to seep through. Similarly, poor sealing can result in a loss of thermal efficiency, leading to higher energy bills for your customers. These errors not only necessitate costly repairs but can also delay project timelines, putting you at risk of overshooting your budget.

With Building Materials Nationwide you gain easy access to quality soundproof plasterboard, tools and sealant to ensure your project is executed without a hitch.

Tips for Cutting Around Wiring, Ducts, and Fixtures

When installing soundproof plasterboards, you may need to complete cuts around complex fixtures like wiring, ducts, and other embedded elements. A poor cut can lead to compromised soundproofing and could necessitate costly do-overs. Here are some pro tips to help you get it right the first time:

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once - Ensure you've taken accurate measurements for each cut, especially around intricate areas like electrical wiring and HVAC ducts.
  • Use the Right Tools - For intricate cuts, a drywall saw or jigsaw can offer better control than a utility knife. Make sure your tools are sharp and in good condition to reduce the risk of ragged or inaccurate cuts.
  • Template Your Cut - If possible, create a cardboard template first. It’s a low-cost way to verify dimensions and angles before cutting into your soundproof plasterboard.
  • Cut Slightly Bigger - When cutting around fixtures, aim for a slightly larger hole than your measurements indicate. You can fill any gaps with the appropriate sealant, but it's much harder to fix a hole that's too small.
  • Seal the Edges - After cutting and installing the plasterboard, remember to seal the edges with a high-quality acoustic sealant. This will ensure that you maintain the full soundproofing benefits.

By taking a considered approach to cutting and installing your soundproof plasterboard, you not only preserve its integrity but also ensure that your project remains cost-effective and on schedule.

Wide Range of Soundproof Plasterboard Available

We have a wide range of soundproof plasterboards on our website, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!


    • Enhanced acoustic performance
    • Engineered with high mass and a tuned core
    Price from: £20.73 £24.88

    • Optimizes the performance of acoustic systems
    • 2400mm x 600mm
    Price from: £11.29 £13.55

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Ensure Flawless Soundproofing with Sealant

When cutting soundproof plasterboard, the task starts with the right cutting tools. Precision is critical to maintaining the soundproofing qualities of your board. Various cutting tools like utility knives and hand saws should be used based on the intricacy of the cut and the type of plasterboard used.

But cutting the material is just half the battle. Properly sealing the edges and openings is crucial for maintaining the board's soundproofing capabilities. Inadequate or improper sealing can compromise the integrity of your project and let in unwanted noise. There are various types of sealants you can use:

  • Acoustic Sealants - These are designed explicitly for soundproofing projects and come in a variety of formulations to suit different needs. They're highly flexible, allowing for movement while maintaining a robust seal.
  • Silicone Sealants - While generally not as effective as acoustic sealants in terms of soundproofing, they are more versatile and will provide a good seal if applied correctly.
  • Foam Sealants - These can be very useful for filling larger gaps and openings. However, they're generally not recommended as the best product for soundproofing if that is a priority in your projects. 

Selecting the right sealant is just as important as choosing the correct plasterboard. When the objective is impeccable soundproofing, acoustic sealant stands as the best choice. Its specialised formulation delivers unmatched noise-blocking capabilities, ensuring your project stands up to the highest standards in sound isolation.

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