Soundproof Plasterboard Procurement

Our experts guide clients through the intricate process of choosing complementary products to pair with soundproof plasterboard, ensuring optimal noise reduction and insulation.

Expert Guidance on Complementary Products for Soundproof Plasterboard

Choosing the correct complementary products to pair with your plasterboard is pivotal in achieving optimal noise reduction and insulation performance. As plasterboarding specialists, our experts understand the challenges of identifying the perfect accessories to complete your installations.

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The Difficulties in Finding Ideal Companion Products

Seeking out plasterboard accessories that properly complement your installations can be trickier than it seems. Products that appear compatible on paper may fail to deliver the real-world results you expect.

Common pitfalls when sourcing companion products include:

  • Choosing inadequate noise insulation that allows sound transmission through walls
  • Selecting incompatible sealants and gap fillers that react poorly with plasterboard
  • Opting for cheaper products that compromise noise reduction
  • Misjudging required product quantities across a project

At Building Materials Nationwide, our specialist team helps you avoid these risks by taking the time to understand your plasterboarding needs. We then leverage our extensive industry experience to suggest companion products that integrate with your projects.

Expert Guidance on Product Specification

We understand that sourcing the ideal accessories to pair with your plasterboard can pose challenges as product attributes like noise reduction ratings, R-values and intumescent properties can be difficult to decipher.

Our team possesses are available to help you achieve the best possible noise reduction using the right accessories. We've sourced products for everything from blocks of flats to recording studios, helping our customers meet client needs.

We'll take the time to understand your project goals, look through the technical details, and suggest complementary products that take the guesswork out of perfect pairings.

By seeking our specialist advice, you gain access to:

  • Demystified explanations of product specifications
  • Guidance on products tailored to your project type
  • Minimal wastage thanks to expert quantity calculations
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Our Extensive Range of Insulation and Sealants

To complete your plasterboard installations, Building Materials Nationwide provides an unparalleled range of insulation, sealants and other accessories. Our product range is shaped by partnerships with leading brands, allowing us to source high-performing companion products guaranteed to meet your needs.

Insulation Range

Sealant Range

Our acoustic sealants include top brands including:

We also offer complementing sealant tools like smoothing tools, finishing tools, sealant guns and sealant repair kits. We can procure anything your project demands, providing you with a one-stop solution for all plasterboard accessories.

The Benefits of Expert Specification

By turning to Building Materials Nationwide for plasterboard accessory recommendations, you gain access to a wealth of advantages:

  • Tailored Suggestions - Based on your precise project requirements, we take the time to understand the unique goals and challenges of your plasterboarding project, allowing us to make informed, bespoke recommendations on complementary products.
  • Guidance - We offer guidance on how to pair accessories effectively to enhance the performance of plasterboard. We look at the bigger picture, advising on products like insulation and vapour barriers that work with your boards to enhance durability.
  • Time Savings - By tapping into our expertise, you avoid the need for the trial and error of generic purchases, streamlining your project schedule as a result.
  • Minimal Wastage - We ensure minimal wastage through precise quantity calculations conducted by our team of experts. Our team accurately specifies the required amounts of each companion product needed, avoiding costly over-ordering.
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Don't compromise your plasterboard installations with inadequate products, and achieve the results you envision by leveraging our unrivalled range and expert advice.

Our goal is to ensure our clients fully optimise noise reduction, insulation, fireproofing and other performance factors through smart product pairings. 

Get in touch with us today to start a conversation about your upcoming project. We're ready to provide the insights and recommendations you need to take it to the next level.

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