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Building Materials Nationwide simplifies the sourcing process and ensures seamless supply chains through established relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Sourcing and Supplying Specialty Plasterboard Products For Professionals

Sourcing the right speciality plasterboards for your construction projects can be a major hassle, in extreme cases leading to costly delays. You need a trusted partner who can simplify sourcing and provide a seamless supply chain. Building Materials Nationwide have established relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers, delivering quality products to our clients when they need them.

Whether your project requires soundproof, fire-resistant, external, or any other speciality plasterboard, Building Materials Nationwide can be your one-stop shop. Partner with us and streamline your speciality plasterboard sourcing, so you can focus on construction.

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Finding the Exact Boards You Need Can Derail Work

Sourcing speciality plasterboards can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. With constantly shifting demand and tight construction timelines, you need access to specific boards as soon as required. But tracking down niche products like mould-resistant and moisture-resistant plasterboard presents difficulties:

  • Availability is not always guaranteed, leading to shortages when you need boards for your projects
  • You have to vet various suppliers and manufacturers, as quality can vary significantly
  • Coordinating the delivery of multiple speciality board types from different vendors can be a logistical headache
  • Changing specs or identifying alternate boards causes delays when supply issues crop up
  • Getting the best pricing requires volume purchases, which is challenging with niche board types

The unpredictable nature of speciality plasterboard sourcing sets contractors up for potential budget overruns and missed deadlines. A reliable partner with extensive expertise and inventory is crucial to navigating the complexities of procuring speciality boards.

Our Fantastic Selection

We have a wide range of Plasterboards for sale, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

  1. Price from: £17.30 £20.76
  2. Call 01628 674910 To Discuss Availability

    • 1220mm x 900mm
    • Square Edge
    £6.75 £8.10
  3. Price from: £18.08 £21.70
  4. Call 01628 674910 To Discuss Availability

    • High impact resistance
    • Moisture resistant
    £29.31 £35.17

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Partner With Us to Source Niche Plasterboards

Quality products and service every time.

Access an Extensive Range of Specialty Plasterboards

Even if you don’t see a particular speciality plasterboard on our website, Building Materials Nationwide can source it for your project. Our extensive industry relationships give you access to an even broader range of boards. Just reach out to your dedicated account manager with your specific needs. They will leverage our connections to identify suppliers, provide pricing and availability details, and handle procurement.

With hundreds of suppliers in our network, our team can find any speciality board you require. We coordinate the entire process – researching product options, comparing costs, validating lead times, placing orders, and arranging delivery on your timeline. With a quick phone call, email, or WhatsApp message to your account manager, we'll take care of sourcing even the most hard-to-find boards. We'll move heaven and earth to get you everything you need, when you need it.

We offer an extensive selection of quality plasterboards to meet your requirements. Our extensive partnerships with leading manufacturers like British Gypsum give you access to a vast range of boards for every project requirement including:

  • Moisture Resistant - Prevent mould/mildew in humid areas
  • Fire Resistant - Up to 4 hours of fire protection
  • External - Durable weatherproof boards
  • Soundproof - Noise dampening and absorption
  • Insulated - Improved thermal performance
  • Vapour/Mould/Water Resistant - Protection from moisture damage

With reliable partners across the UK, we work to fulfil bulk orders quickly.

Your Expert, Reliable Plasterboard Partner

Building Materials Nationwide has the expertise, inventory, and capabilities to streamline speciality plasterboard sourcing. Partnering with us is the answer to your niche board needs because you receive:

  • Volume Discounts - Through our purchasing power, we secure advantageous pricing from top brands that we pass on to customers. Partnering allows you to benefit from volume discounts, even on smaller speciality board orders.
  • Personalised Service - Your account manager gets to know your business and preferences. Receive customised support in selecting boards, handling quotes, placing orders, and managing delivery.
  • Fast Fulfillment - With warehouses across the UK, we can rapidly fulfil orders and meet tight project timelines. Getting speciality boards quickly eliminates lead time headaches.
  • Hassle-Free Sourcing - From sourcing to ordering to delivery, we oversee the entire plasterboard procurement process so that you don't have to. Removing headaches lets you focus on construction.
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Get Simple, Fast Specialty Board Sourcing Today

Finding and procuring the speciality plasterboard your projects require shouldn't derail your construction timelines. With Building Materials Nationwide as your partner, speciality board sourcing is simple, fast, and headache-free. Leverage our unrivalled expertise, nationwide inventories, purchasing power, and seasoned logistics capabilities.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects and let us craft a tailored speciality board-sourcing solution. Call 01628 279 061 or complete our online form now and let's streamline your supply chain.

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