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We remove the hassle of coordinating multiple vendor accounts so you can stay focused on efficient construction.

Simplify Your Plasterboard Supply Chain

Procuring plasterboard from multiple vendors can be a frustrating endeavour for construction companies. Mismatched delivery times, varying product quality, and supply chain issues from uncoordinated suppliers can hamper productivity and progress on the job site. When managing various vendor relationships, it's a challenge to ensure plasterboard arrives on spec, on time, and undamaged.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we make it easier by acting as your one-stop plasterboard procurement partner. By consolidating your vendors into our supply channel, we give you a single point of contact for sourcing all the plasterboard your projects require. This streamlined approach enhances logistics, improves quality control, and gives you the leverage of bulk purchase pricing.

With decades of experience sourcing materials for the construction industry, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and results. Partner with us for your next project to see how consolidated plasterboard procurement can optimise your supply chain and project success.

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How We Streamline Your Plasterboard Supply

Procuring plasterboards from various vendors can complicate logistics and undermine the quality of construction projects. When sourcing from multiple suppliers, inconsistent delivery schedules lead to availability gaps. And with uncoordinated shipments, plasterboard is at higher risk of sustaining damage en route to the job site.

By consolidating your plasterboard supply through Building Materials Nationwide, we streamline the procurement process while optimising product quality. Our long-term relationships across leading plasterboard manufacturers provide continuity you can count on. We vet suppliers thoroughly and inspect shipments to ensure specifications are met.

Consolidating your supply channel also allows us to leverage bulk purchase volumes for better pricing and product availability. With supply and demand fluctuations, having a partner with buying power provides stability in securing the materials you need at competitive rates.

With a streamlined plasterboard supply chain through our consolidated vendors, the benefits for your business include:

  • Simplified logistics and delivery coordination
  • Consistent plasterboard product quality across suppliers
  • Increased leverage and buying power for pricing and availability
  • Single point of contact for all plasterboard procurement needs
  • Risk mitigation through supplier vetting and quality assurance

Let us handle plasterboard vendor consolidation so you can focus on efficient construction workflows.

Wide Range of Insulation Products Available

We have a wide range of Plaster products available online, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

  1. Call 01628 674910 To Discuss Availability

    • 42db sound insulation
    • 12.5mm single layer system
    £17.47 £20.96
  2. £6.75 £8.10
  3. Call 01628 674910 To Discuss Availability

    • High impact resistance
    • Moisture resistant
    £29.31 £35.17

    • Water Resistant
    • Used as Sheathing Board
    Price from: £29.90 £35.88

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Our Range of Plasterboard Products

  • Soundproof Plasterboard- Our soundproof plasterboards, fully compliant with BS EN520, are suitable for insulating both walls and ceilings.
  • Dense Plasterboard - As a denser alternative to industry standards, these boards incorporate additional glass fibre particles and thicker paper coverings, making them ideal for areas requiring durable, long-lasting materials.
  • External Plasterboard - Our range of exterior plasterboards is fortified with a superior water repellent, offering unparalleled protection against water and mould.
  • Fire Resistant Plasterboard - Designed for walls and partitions requiring robust fire protection, our fire-rated plasterboard sheets are the perfect choice.
  • Moisture Resistant Plasterboard - These boards feature additives within their core that repel water vapour, minimising the risk of damage in damp environments.
  • Standard Plasterboard - In our standard plasterboard selection, square edge options are commonly used for plastering, while tapered edge plasterboard is ideal for dry-lining projects.
  • Vapour Resistant Plasterboard - Impermeable to moisture, vapour-resistant drywall is perfect for maintaining a dry property, available for walls and ceilings.
  • Insulated Plasterboard- Our insulated plasterboard combines plasterboard with a layer of insulation, providing both structural and thermal benefits in a single product, commonly used to improve a building's energy efficiency.
  • Plasterboard Fermacell- We sell a wide range of Fermacell boards, with a choice of dimensions and sizes to suit your needs.

The Benefits of Streamlined Plasterboard Supply

Consolidating your plasterboard supply through Building Materials Nationwide means:

  • Simplified procurement with one point of contact
  • Optimised availability and delivery coordination
  • Enhanced quality control through supplier oversight
  • Better pricing and supply stability with bulk purchase volumes
  • Complete range of plasterboard products and expertise

By partnering with us for availability insights, we can help your projects proceed smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

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Procuring plasterboards from multiple vendors can hamper construction productivity and quality control. But by partnering with Building Materials Nationwide, you can streamline your entire supply chain through consolidated procurement.

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