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We are procurement experts across timber and the full range of building materials. Our sales team work with construction professionals across the UK, organising bulk deliveries to their sites.

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Sourcing high-quality timber at the volumes required for major construction projects poses challenges for construction companies. As leading timber suppliers, we simplify bulk lumber procurement so purchasing managers can acquire the materials they need hassle-free. Our extensive relationships with sawmills and distributors provide access to top-quality timber in all sizes and at the scale you require. Whether it’s framing lumber, plywood, or treated beams, we deliver the ideal wood for your builds.

Procurement of Premium Timber for Large Scale Construction

With unrivalled access to premium timber products from leading global suppliers, Building Materials Nationwide ensures you'll find the high-performance materials your projects require. Discover stress-free timber procurement through our dedicated trade accounts, where we can source construction products at competitive trade pricing.

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Through our unmatched inventory, smart logistics, and trade account benefits, we can equip your team with the premium materials needed to complete projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards. With stress-free sourcing and delivery from Building Materials Nationwide, you can focus on the seamless execution of your construction projects.

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    Explore Our Timber Range

    We have a wide range of timber available now through our website, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!


      • Ideal for wall partitioning and studwork
      • Kiln dried for extra stability
      Price from: £2.83 £3.40
    2. Price from: £0.73 £0.88

      • Ideal for general construction, fencing, garden and leisure timber applications
      • Pressure-treated
      Price from: £4.20 £5.04

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    Acoustic Flooring

    Our acoustic flooring includes sound-dampening panels and vibration-reducing floorboards, ideal for minimising noise transfer in multifamily dwellings. With excellent footfall absorption, our acoustic timber flooring enhances privacy.

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    Carcassing & CLS

    From structural CLS for load-bearing walls to cost-effective carcassing, our selection of dimensional softwood lumber is designed for framework and concealed applications. Our carcassing timber delivers strength at a budget-friendly price.

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    Sheet Materials

    We supply a wide variety of sheet materials including plywood, chipboard, and fibreboard. These high-performance wood sheets are manufactured to thickness for usage in flooring, walls, roofs and other structural building elements.

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    Skirting & External Cladding

    Our skirting boards and exterior cladding offer attractive timber finishes for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With durable faces and edges, our skirting and cladding withstands wear while retaining its elegant appearance.

    Keep Your Projects on Track

    Without a reliable provider for premium materials on-demand, teams face impaired productivity from work stoppages. Delays accumulate as crews wait idly for lumber delivery, while rushed last-minute purchases of inferior timber necessitate rework once their failing performance becomes apparent.

    Without expertise in specialised timber sourcing, contractors struggle to procure less common woods required for custom designs. They also miss out on ensuring lumber meets the highest quality certifications and complies with regulations, increasing liability risks should issues arise.

    Inferior timber ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction and damage to the firm's professional reputation. By partnering with an established provider like Building Materials Nationwide, construction companies gain peace of mind knowing their projects will proceed efficiently with robust materials guaranteed.

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    Personalised Expertise

    With your own experienced Trade Account Manager, receive customised guidance on achieving your project visions with the right timber products. We handle the legwork of identifying, sourcing, and delivering the ideal materials for you.

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    Access to Premium Timber

    Browse our extensive catalogue of over 45,000 products featuring premium timber from leading global suppliers. Can't find a speciality product? Your Trade Account Manager utilises their connections to procure it for you.

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    Flexible Credit and Delivery

    Forget cash payments and logistics headaches. Our trade credit accounts offer flexible financing so you can efficiently procure the timber you need. We also provide rapid delivery options to keep your schedule on track.

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